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May 30 2011

Unemployed PRC prick hacks TV contestants’ webcams (RSA tokens probably not involved)

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More than two years after Heike’s post about the Kapa girl video, a narrow majority of our visitors come to TDV from searches for her video. Sadly, I’m about to post something that will continue this trend of optimizing our site for desperate porn searchers.

So apparently the show 非诚勿扰 (If you are the one) is a dating\reality program that actually displays the contestants’ QQ numbers and email addresses. An unemployed PRC hacker used the information to target some of his favorites with a social engineering scam that included a malicious program that let him control the victims’ webcams. After capturing some nudy pics, he attempted to extort money from the victims and one or more of them went to the cops and he quickly realized that he done goofed because he was backtraced and will spend the next three years in prison.

Thanks to Greg @metalabasia for the link.

Sorry, I don’t have the pics.

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