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Jul 20 2009

26% of Chinese would-be criminals prefer hacking

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A recent online poll asked Chinese netizens:  “Given a 100,000RMB/month salary, what criminal job would you prefer?” – the largest percentage of respondents chose “Freelance Hacker” over Human Trafficker, Assassin, Drug Dealer, Gambler, Gang Leader, Spy and Robber.


This reminds me a little bit of this report about a survey that indicated that many middle-school aged kids in the PRC revere hackers and aspire to be one.  However, the glamor has faded as so many Chinese people have been personally affected by malware as once patriotic PRC hackers turn to profits.  Then again, I probably would have picked hacker too because the other options just aren’t very appealing.  Hey kids, who wants to be a human trafficker when they grow up?

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Jan 17 2009

The first Dark Visitor Poll

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