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Oct 22 2008

Podcast Number Two

The big part of the audio is Heike

Dear TDV Readers,

Heike and I would like to invite you to listen to our second TDV podcast where we discuss Chinese hackers, censorship, targeted attacks and naked chinese hacker vampires with foot fetishes.

It is 48 minutes long.  It would have been in longer if I had left in the part where Heike had to fix his little girl’s injury with a brownie.  Get it from the iTunes store or direct from our feedburner RSS.

With Kind Regards,
Jumper and Heike

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Jul 25 2008

Podcast Number One

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Dear TDV Readers,


Heike and I invite you to listen to our first podcast. The podcast covers some blog background and the history of Heike’s “The Dark Visitor” project. It is 49 minutes long. The show notes are here. Please enjoy and send comments to podcast [at] thedarkvisitor [dot][com].

With Warm Regards,



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