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Apr 20 2008

Revenge of the Flame disbands, denies all responsibility for attack on CNN…and kills website

The leader of Revenge of the flame has taken down his website and posted a disbandment notice.

!!!We salute our lovable motherland!!!

(graphic posted in the center of this statement does not load)

Revenge of the Flame disbanded

There are actually many ways to be patriotic, we do not want to be impulsive, we should study well, struggle and take great effort to gain knowledge. Only in this way can we develop our motherland and our motherland’s strength. This is all we really wish to see happen.

The Revenge of the Flame has already halted all DDOS attacks, we do not advocate the attack, we advocate diligent study of technology. From this point on, any attack whatsoever, has nothing to do with Revenge of the Flame. If any member of our group, Revenge of the Flame, participates in this type of activity, it is an individual action and has nothing to do with cn_Magistrate or Hackerwolf. Request that everyone make careful deliberations.

(Note: I was under the impression that magistrate hackerwolf was one word, one name but obviously it is two individuals. Here are their blogs; cn_Magistrate and Hackerwolf.)

Currently, everyone on the internet is using the instrument of attack as a means to express their passion and this has already obstructed the motherland’s normal network communications. This is something we do not wish to see happen. Regardless if it is “Revenge of the Flame” or not, we hope that everyone can rationally reflect on this question.

From this moment, the Revenge of the Flame is disbanded!! If there are any notification after this, they will be posted here. We respectfully ask that you pay attention to this page.

Any attack whatsoever, regardless if it is by an individual or an organization, has serious consequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Revenge of the Flame exists no more forever!! We are now a “patriotic study organization” and we will take the flame into our heart! The Revenge of the Flame in our hearts can never be extinguished! We must struggle! We must work! We must turn our strengths into a shining sword spirit (this sentence may have a somewhat different meaning, not sure).

Without a doubt we must study even more, our forum has already been established. This is really our true exchange space.


20 April 2008

To our lovable motherland, I say I love you!!

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Apr 19 2008

More from Revenge of the Flame on CNN attack

Located cn_Magistrate’s blog, the leader of Revenge of the Flame, here is a post from his blog on 18 April 2008:

As always, my thanks for everyone’s strong sense of nationalistic responsibility; once again, the Magistrate is grateful to everyone.

Today is 18 April, we are angry and we shall roar, the annoucement follows:

  1. Prior to 8:00 pm on 18 April 2008, we invite everyone on IS (ID number 12570496).  We will have an important matter to pass along.  (This part a little rough on xlation) Please note our compatriots will find a way online, obey directions that have been put in place.
  2. Tool download address, considering that there are many normal web users who do not have a high-degree of technical knowledge, we are providing idiot-type (really means for those who don’t know) tools for download. The download address:  Everyone please pay attention to the group announcements.
  3. Everyone please remain disciplined, listen to the directions of each of the group managers.  Pay attention to your own words, deeds and essence.  We are all Chinese!

18 April 2008

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Apr 18 2008

Chinese hacker group identified as “Revenge of the Flame” calls off attack on CNN…too many people know

Graphic Attached to Release

Graphic Attached to Release by Revenge of the Flame

The Chinese hacker group that has been organizing to attack CNN has been identified as the “Revenge of the Flame.” They recently released a statement calling off the DDoS attack on CNN; however, it may have come too late to stop some of its members from going after the site. CNN has just filed a report stating that they had experienced an attack in an attempt to disrupt their website. For this reason, we will keep the clock up and see what happens tomorrow…it might not be over.

Statement from Revenge of the Flame:

In just three short days, our organization, the Revenge of the Flame, has grown large. First, I want to thank everyone for their strong sense of nationalistic responsibility. However, maybe we were too impetuous. We love our country! We will resist all anti-Chinese influences! However, we must choose the right way to come to the defense of our country, families and ourselves!!! After some core internal discussions, we have decided to temporarily cancel the 19th attack plan! The Revenge of the Flame organization still exists! Later we can be a computer discussion organization, we will study together for the day our country needs us! Our government and military will all mobilize! At that time, we will let those so-called foreign net-forces see! No matter where, China will never lose to them! We also have our net-forces! Perhaps at that time, our Revenge of the Flame will be the main strength! We all love our country! But, we must use sensible methods to defend our honor!

ATTENTION: Our original plan for 19 April has been canceled because too many people are aware of it and the situation is chaotic. At an unspecified date in the near future, we will launch the attack. We ask that everyone remain ready. I will repeat it again. At an unspecified date in the near future, we will launch the attack. We are only at present cancelling the attack. We could send out a notice on the day of the attack and have it completed in one day. The attack hasn’t been cancelled; it will be carried out on an unspecified day in the near future. I think everyone understands what we mean.

We hope that even more people with the Chinese national blood will join our actions. Only in unity is there strength. We are not individuals, we are a collective, and we are Chinese.

17 April 2008

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Mar 04 2008

Chinese hacker baseball cards

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Running through some websites and found what I can only classify as Chinese hacker baseball cards. Not sure if you can trade them with your friends, or which ones are more valuable but here you go:


Northern Beggar
Wan Tao
Net Name: Old Eagle
Affiliation:  The China Eagle Union
Net-fu: 4 Stars
Gangsta Rep: 3 Stars
Affiliation’s power: 4 Stars
Personal Contribution: 4 Stars


Western Poison
Huang Xin
Net Name: Glacier
Affiliation:  Security Focal Point (
Net-fu: 5 Stars
Gangsta Rep: 4 Stars
Affiliation’s power: 5 Stars
Personal Contribution: 4 Stars


Central High Spirit
Xiao Ban
Affiliation:  Xiaoban Software (
Net-fu: 5 Stars
Gangsta Rep: 5 Stars
Affiliation’s power: 3 Stars
Personal Contribution: 4 Stars


Eastern Demon
Gong Wei
Net Name: Goodwill
Affiliation:  The Green Army
Net-fu: 3 Stars
Gangsta Rep: 4 Stars
Affiliation’s power: 5 Stars
Personal Contribution: 4 Stars


Southern Emperor
Xie Chaoxia
Net Name: Old Poison
Affiliation:  Security Net Science and Technology (
Net-fu: 4 Stars
Gangsta Rep: 4 Stars
Affiliation’s power: 4 Stars
Personal Contribution: 3 Stars


For the term 武学修为 I have used net-fu but it is more like martial arts capability.  However, they are referring to
the hacker’s skill…so net-fu seemed the way to go.

On the term Jianghu (江湖), had to go to Baidu to get an accurate translation:

In modern days, the term jianghu is frequently used to refer to the triads and the secret societies of gangsters. A 2004 movie entitled Jiang Hu starring Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung is about the gangster societies in Hong Kong.

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Jan 31 2008

Heikeba Update…Never hack inside China…Ever!

This was more than likely a message to the rest of the Red Hacker Alliance that we do not hack inside China or there will be consequences.  According to the video, it wasn’t just money that Heikeba was after but fame played a large part as well.  The downfall seems to have come when they decided to break into banks inside of China and steal from Chinese citizens.  That my friends is a no-no!


Also, it is not nice to attach Trojans to music and picture downloads.


This is the part I’m not completely clear on and if someone who has better ears than I do can provide clarification it would be really appreciated.  The police discovered that the site was spread out across 15 cities inside of China. Here is the difficult part, they found records on the site dealing with New York, London and Paris and something about logging into the sites at the same time which seemed impossible or only slightly possible.  There is some discussion of time-zones and logging into them at the same time.


Difficult to tell if they are saying Heikeba was responsible for hacking into
websites in these cities.  Hopefully, we can get a little help here.

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Jan 23 2008 China’s Largest Online Hacker School

The Patriot’s Security Website ( was originally established in 2003 as the Black Hawk’s Red Hacker Base (  Its founder, Li Qiang (李强), a.k.a Rice (大米), has turned the station into a Chinese hacker training industry that markets numerous lines of hacker training CDs, DVDs, online courses and manuals.


The profile above only lists Li as a lecturer and the station master is given as Stef:


However, in this interview with, Li Qiang is clearly identified as the true founder
of the organization:


According to’s description, the company headquarters has 21 personnel, 9 temporary workers and 17 technicians:


Furthermore, the company has invested around US $83,000 dollars in hardware and equipment. It has 10 servers spread out in locations such as Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Guangzhou, Henan, Beijing and Shanghai.


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Dec 18 2007

China Breeding New Race Of Super Hackers!! I Kid You Not.

Well possibly…

What happens when two of China’s historic Trojan designers marry? Yes, guy and girl hacker.  My guess is the next generation of Uber Hackers is soon to be born. It was bound to happen eventually, so let me introduce the happy couple:


  1. Real Name: Huang Xin (黄鑫)
  2. Online Name: Glacier (冰河)
  3. Organization:,
  4. Age: 29 (In 2007)
  5. Known Hacks: Developed the Glacier Trojan, China’s most popular
  6. Summary: Graduated from Xi’an Electronic Sci-Tech University. Married to Chinese female hacker Wollf. In 2006, he was 28 years old and a resident of Guangxi. Godfather of the Chinese Trojan.

WOLLF (Bride)

  1. Real Name: Wang Juan (王娟)
  2. Online Name: Wollf
  3. Organization: Unknown
  4. Age: 27 (in 2007)
  5. Known Hacks: Developed the Wollf Trojan
  6. Summary: Born in Sichuan and has worked in a Hainan Network Comapany. The mother of Chinese Trojans.

Both added to Top Chinese Hackers

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Dec 12 2007

The Lonely Swordsman


(Lonely Swordsman)

Janker Wiki on Hackbase

Thanks to the propensity of every organization to have their own wiki, I have finally been able to nail down the two founders of the “Ultra Right-Wing Chinese Hackers Opposed to Japan Alliance”. Yep, a mouthful. The group was established in the year 2000 and played a significant role in both the Sino-Japanese (2000) and Sino-US (2001) cyber conflicts. Here is a little on the group from my book provided by Chu Tianbi:

The year 2000 would bring both highs and lows for the Red Hacker Alliance. From late January to mid-February, a group calling themselves the “Ultra Right-Wing Chinese Hackers Opposed to Japan Alliance” claimed to have attacked some 30 Japanese web sites “belonging to the ministries, the prime minister, parliament, and the state planning agency.” This was in retaliation for what the hackers perceived as a denial of the Nanjing Massacre following the loss of a Japanese court case by Azuma Shiro. Azuma Shiro was a Japanese soldier who maintained a diary during WWII that recounted Japanese atrocities in Nanjing. The diary was published and his former superior immediately sued Shiro for libel. Shiro lost the case and subsequent appeals in 1998 and 2000. Their web site, located at Http://, posted an open letter to the Japanese government that stated:

“Let it be known that the objective of this alliance is to carry out savage attacks on the small number of Japanese mad-dogs on the net. The alliance is comprised completely of fervent patriotic Chinese net-worms.”

The site provided over 300 Japanese government URLs, the e-mail addresses of over 100 Japanese representatives, and dozens of the most effective hacker attack tools. Furthermore, the site explained how to use these tools to attack Japanese web sites. In an online interview with Computer Journal, a hacker calling himself “ROOT,” admitted that the paralysis of the web sites for the prime minister’s office, the Bureau of Statistics, and the Bureau of Science and Technology were his doing. ROOT complained that the attacks on Japanese web sites occurred because of dissatisfaction with the Japanese government’s far right denial of the historical facts of the Nanjing Massacre:

“I did absolutely everything by myself. The payback for little Japan didn’t require anyone else. I think I’ve done what anyone should have done as a Chinese person, and anyone else would have done this. I hope they connect what I’ve done with what happened in Osaka, giving a warning to the Japanese devils.”

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Dec 11 2007

Top Chinese Hackers

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Just added a new section to the website called “Top Chinese Hackers” in the upper right-hand corner. It will be an ongoing project and could take a bit of time to complete since I have a lot of info on different individuals. I’ll add a short post each time it is updated so you don’t have to constantly check.

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Dec 08 2007

A Rose by Any Other Name…Sometimes, Not So Sweet!

Who is this guy?



        He is the “Withered Rose”. Just as mentioned in Time’s article, his website is undergoing renovation and my guess is that it will be doing so for a good long time. However, his blog is up and doing well. The new site is at and has been running since March of 2007. The mg probably stands for Mei Gui (玫瑰), the Pinyin for Rose in Chinese. Won’t go into too much detail about all the stuff on his blog since the most important stuff has been covered but it does contain some note worthy stuff.

        My guess is the Time’s reporter had some sort of agreement with Rose and his buddies not to take their photos for the article…me, no such agreement:


Withered Rose

More pictures of the happy hacker crew here and here.


        Never understand why Chinese hackers refuse to put a picture in their “About” page but then plaster them all over their website…who knows.

Blog name: Withered Rose’s Blog

Website Admin’s nickname: Withered Rose

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Blood type: (What the hell?) Either way, Withered Rose ain’t tellin’.

Your sign: Not giving this up either

Address: Chengdu

Personal Quote: “The pursuit of hacker technology is my life.”

Hobbies: Computers/Networks/Traveling/Hot Chicks (Yeah…)

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