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Aug 21 2008

China’s Cyber Warriors and nationalism

SBS Dateline reporter, George Negus, conducts an interview with Chinese hacker Yang Zhao. Yang talks about the attacks on CNN, nationalism and intrusion methods. This is the Youtube version of the video and is shorter than the version found on the SBS Dateline website.

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Aug 18 2008

CNN’s angry Chinese hacker Xiao Chen returns

In March of this year, CNN ran a story about Xiao Chen and his organization of hackers, reporting that the group had broken into the Pentagon and received payments from the Chinese government.

Xiao Chen, in a subsequent interview with the Shanghai Post, refuted all of CNN’s allegations and tearfully explained how all of this controversy had caused him to close his website…he had struggled to create it…he had poured his heart and soul into it…and now was left with only had a handful of magic beans to show for his trouble.

I may be mixing my stories but he did elevate whining to an art form.

No need to worry, Xiao Chen pulled himself up, dusted himself off and managed to get back in the hacking game. Welcome to the new , decorated in Olympic themed swirls guaranteed to never go out of style:

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Aug 04 2008

Chinese hacker dancing and defacing = pure awesome!

Just going to change the name of the blog to the Xiao Tian Show and call it a day. Even though Chinese hackers are now constantly worrying about the Olympics getting hacked, Xiao Tian has managed to remain in the spotlight. The latest articles making the rounds about Xiao Tian still summarize the interview with the Daily News and Analysis, just with the addition of a defacement:

The first reference I can find of this defacement indicates it took place in September of 2006, to protest Prime Minister Koizumi’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. Several people posting think it was done by a female hacker due to the signature line that translates to something like, “the girl pissing on the Yasukuni toilet.”

The article uses the screen shot to demonstrate how ferocious female Chinese hacker can be and does not attribute it to Xiao Tian. Plus, we know our gal would never use such vulgar language. She saves all that built up nationalist energy for the dance floor:

FROM Xiao Tian’s blog: She is on the left in black and says to ignore the other girl in the short skirt. As a matter of fact, Xiao Tian wants you to know she hates that girl. Apparently, the DJ pushed the girl up on the stage so the two could dance together. Xiao Tian doesn’t have kind words for the DJ either. Also, she claims to have been a bit nervous on stage, so these are not her best dance moves.

That is why you come here, for the culture. Now, back to your nerdly doings.

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Jun 05 2008

Chinese hacker instructional video of the Gray Pigeon trojan

One of the clearest instructional videos I have seen on how to use the Gray Pigeon trojan horse.  I haven’t tried to translate the video but thought it might be of interest to some of our more technically inclinded audience.  The first part describes how to use the program and the second part shows how the information is collected from an infected computer.

Video Removed (killing the rest of the posts)

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May 29 2008

Chinese hackers target Sharon Stone

The first calls are starting to make the rounds on Chinese hacker sites to attack the Sharon Stone website. The actress recently started a firestorm in China after she gave an interview suggesting that the earthquake in Sichuan was the result of bad karma. I guessed it would be just a matter of time before Chinese hackers targeted her online and have been monitoring the boards.

One site has posted a bit of initial reconnaissance of the website:

There was also a post asking to have the unofficial website of Sharon Stone hacked:

Tried going to the website for a contact address but found the, “This site may harm your computer” posting. Maybe Jumper will have the time to check it out later.

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Apr 26 2008

The originator of “Red Heart China” gets his website hacked!! Europeans responsible?

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Started to wonder why all those hearts were appearing on Chinese blogs and the answer may just be, the Red Heart China MSN:

About 2.3 million Chinese MSN users have added a pattern of “red heart” and the English word “China” in front of their online signatures to show their unity and patriotism.

MSN China spokesman Feng Guangshun released the figure on Thursday. Many more people have opened their MSN accounts to find a message which asked them to add the “red heart” and “China” in front of their signatures.

A bit more on Red Heart from the Wall Street Journal:

When Xingrong Chen logged into MSN Messenger yesterday, she found a message from a friend inviting her to join China’s latest Internet craze:

“Please add (L) China after your name on MSN, to show the unity of Chinese people around the world. Please send this message to your friends on MSN.”

She followed the instruction and within a second, a red heart icon and the word “China” appeared beside her user name.

“I have no idea who first raised this idea, and it doesn’t matter.” the 24-year old Shanghai resident said, “My MSN contact list is red all over now!”

Youku video of people explaining Red Heart China:

Well, apparently not everyone is as excited about this new wave of patriotism sweeping China. According to many news sources in China (24 April 08), the man who originated the Red Heart China signature has had his website hacked.

  1. CEO Chen Huaiyuan said that the day before yesterday, the website came under attack from four foreign IP addresses and as of last night, the attacks still had not stopped
  2. Statistical data from the server showed that the IP addresses were located in Europe
  3. During the high frequency periods of the attack they were receiving two to three attacks every second and during the low peaks it was three to four attacks every minute

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Apr 24 2008

New “Kinda-Lazy” Chinese hacker attack on CNN scheduled for tomorrow. UPDATE x2

UPDATE FIZZLE: Just got word from Jose that nothing happened with the CNN website today. Chinese hackers are starting to make me look bad and I will not stand for that!! :)

If this keeps up, it may be easier to list the days that Chinese hackers are not calling for an attack on CNN.

Had some serious reservations about posting this article for a couple of reasons but decided it is probably worthwhile. The cons are that there is ZERO confirmation from other sites about the impending attack and the alert posting did not list a sponsoring organization. On the pro side, it included a website that was setup on the 20th (after initial attack) that is linked in the post and looks like it is there to support the action.


Added bonus, stupid clock again:

The Announcement

At 8:00 pm (Beijing local) on 25 April, Chinese hackers will attack CNN

[Announcement] 2008-04-21 On 25 April, 8:00 pm (Beijing local), Chinese hackers will attack CNN.

Everyone, please pay attention to the issuses regarding the effort to invade the CNN website. We are requesting the support of all Chinese. If you are an expert hacker, we request you ardently strive to invade If you are a novice, we request you use DDOS flood attack or put up a couple of pieces of hacker software. If you are not a hacker, we request that you land on the website at 8:00 pm on 25 April.

Try with all your might to establish a link with the website in order to waste its resources. If their website is continually at capacity for three hours, the server may just crash. Don’t forget, there are over 1.4 billion Chinese! There are over 100 million Chinese online, they won’t be able to withstand us.

Please, assist us with the invasion of, this represents the honor of China over the issue of Tibetan independence. The website has put out a large amount of unsubstantiated reports that are a serious challenge and US hackers have already invaded many of our websites. It is time for revenge; let us begin a new round of Sino-US hacker wars. Let them know the strength of the Chinese people.

If it is convenient, please circulate this message to all of your groups. We need support…. Currently, many of us are going to this webpage to carry out the attack, The first time you open it, it might not display. Just refresh the page and it should be okay.

Kinda Lazy (but genius!)

Over at the attack website of, you land on an automated webpage that uses your computer and IP address to continuously “attack” the CNN website unless you close the browser. My guess is that it is constantly making fresh requests from CNN to tie up bandwidth. The graphic below even shows the number of attacks you have made on the site.

Yeah, I kinda attacked CNN 24 times…Whoops! Well, CNN never returned my e-mail either! Damn, I’m sort of a Chinese hacker now? Anyway, the only really interesting thing in that blurb of Chinese above is that they call CNN a “whore.” Really, twice.

This Attack Method Spreading

While this might be the oldest trick in the book, it is new to me so I’m putting it out there. The website is using pretty much the exact same attack method as mentioned previously.

Once again, you land on the webpage above and it begins refreshing the CNN website in an iFrame every five seconds using up their bandwidth (Jumper explained this to me). So, I sort of attacked CNN another five,six, seven…forty times looking at the program. Here is Jumper’s full explanation from the question I e-mailed to him last night about the site:

Yes. It loads an iframe: And then it reloads itself every five seconds:


var e=document.getElementById(‘cnn’);


//1000 表示1000毫秒,你可以修改并转发

</script> Probably not as effective as the Mao-inator program.

I direct your attention to the last line (emphasis mine) in Jumper’s e-mail. Number one, he dubs the program he analyzed yesterday as the Mao-inator™, which I personally find hilarious. Number two, there seems to be a slight amount of professional jealousy involved since he is dismissing my program as “less effective” than the one he worked with. Yeah, but did yours call CNN a “whore” didn’t think so! Less effective, I think not sir!

All kidding aside, this is an excellent method for incorporating large numbers of unskilled people into your DDoS attack. It comes with the added advantage of using their computers, IP addresses and bandwidth and you don’t have to train them. The only skill that is required is the ability to open a webpage in a browser and let it run. Plus, recruits who might not be so willing to stick around to the end of the fight, if tied to a computer all day, are free to do whatever they want while at the same time defending the motherland. My vote GENIUS!

Make up your own odds if this will actually take place. I have informed Jose Nazario at Arbor Networks who has been monitoring this situation closely and has had great insights.

UPDATE 1: Located the blog for Li Haiwei, the owner of the attack website, and my boy has some serious issues with CNN and Tibet. Lots of disturbing imagery for the whole family:

The graphic reads, “CNN- I like it. I am CNN.” Then some stuff way too small to read. The Nobel Peace Prize award you can read yourself and at the bottom Tibet.

UPDATE 2: Netcraft has a live performance monitor for the CNN webiste here.

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Mar 09 2008

Chinese hacker Xiao Chen’s Organization Revealed!

First, a very big thank you to reader Copper, who first pointed out that there was a BIG button right over the article on Chinese hacker Xiao Chen that said…VIDEO! And, if you watch said video…it gives Xiao Chen’s webiste.

Here is the 1st screenshot from the CNN video, notice the links section at the botttom that I have circled in red.  The first link is to Hacker World ( 黑客天下 and the second is to  It is typical for Chinese hackers to list their own website first in the links section.

UPDATE: Sorry, I was unclear in the paragraph above, Xiao Chen only owns was listed just to show similarity in the websites.


Now look at this screen shot from There are a couple of differences but clearly the same website:


Next image from the  CNN video gives the Chinese 黑客天下, Hacker World or


Now take a look at this graphic from CNN in the left corner of the page:


and this one from


Finally, this one from CNN and you really had to be watching for it:


In the CNN interview, Xiao Chen claimed to have 10,000 registered members.
From the website, they list the number of registered members as 9,746…pretty darn close:


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Feb 28 2008

Next Chinese Hacker to attack Pentagon…SEVEN-YEAR-OLD BOY


The kid is just barely seven years old and already goes by the name “Cowboy.” Christ.  Here are the stats on this rising child genious from Guangxi, China:

  1.  At the age of three, he was able to install both Windows 98 and Windows XP
  2.  At the age of four, he was learning DOS commands, installing drivers and downloading computer games
  3.  At the age of five, he was learning to install computer hardware
  4.  At the age of six, he started college-level classes in Visual Basic 6.0
  5.  At the age of seven, he crashed the entire New York City power grid

Okay, that last one I made up but you know it is only a matter of time. Got to watch my kid perform in a play about farm animals that took the class one week to learn…we are in so much trouble!

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Feb 26 2008

Chinese hackers…a dozen roses


This film came out on 19 June 2006, so it is a little old but has one, two or
three interesting things:

Title: Hacker Apocalypse

Running time: 67 minutes

Written by: Li Feng  (Who also wrote Hero)

Backed by: The famous Beijing amatuer film organization BAERXIU Movie Club

Plot:  Tieke, the proprietor of a computer company, is also the brains behind a secret hacker organization.  He accepts a large sum of money from an unnamed organization  to make preparations for a large-scale invasion campaign on the Japanese network using a virus he created called “The broken-hearted rose.”

The movie was not well received by some hackers and DVD fans…they hacked the movie’s website twice.

There was a TV show in 2002 on CCTV6 called the Rose hacker.

There is also a real Chinese Rose virus/trojan (rose.exe).  Jingtian talks a little about on the Kaspersky forum here.

Of course the most famous Chinese hacker Rose, the Withered.

Why all this? Not sure, but started to see a lot of refs in Chinese to 
rose hacker/virus this or that and now you have too.

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