Apr 25 2011

The online “Water Army”

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The graphic from Techweb shows the “internet” shrieking, “Water Army!”  The wind up soldiers’ keys are in the shape of the finance symbol for the Renminbi.

Besides hackers, we also follow modes of cyber influence inside China such as the 50 Cent Party.    Little rough-and-tumble viral marketing in the Middle Kingdom from a group dubbed the Water Army; can’t let the government take up all the oxygen in the room:

Posting negative comments on the Web about products and services is fast becoming the most popular channel for Chinese consumers to vent their spleen. Yet, behind this veneer of free expression lies a murky world of cyber bullies and unscrupulous webmasters who are manipulating the media to either promote or smear a company’s image for profit.

In a country with nearly 400 million Web users, online marketing has become a big business and has spawned a legion of Internet public relations agencies. Their services include not only getting a product seen but also removing any negative feedback they find.

‘Real estate, cars, electronics: These are usually the most lucrative when it comes to deleting negative posts,’said Ma Mingdong, a 25-year-old Beijing blogger and online marketer. ‘Many people think it’s complicated to delete posts but it isn’t.‘”

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