Mar 09 2011


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In January of 2010, a group calling themselves the “Iranian Cyber Army” attacked Baidu.  Chinese netizens thought the attack might be in retaliation for Chinese twitter users support of Iranian reformists.  Not sure I get the connection with Baidu, but there you have the background.

Running through some videos on Tudou (China Youtube) and came across the defacement of the Iranian government website seen above.  The hacker, going by the name Zhenker, wants us to know the address of the defacement:


So I checked it out and there is a small problem…according to a Google translation, it is a social welfare website dedicated to helping  needy families, orphans, the elderly, and the disabled.  Orphans Zhenker, Orphans…

Using the e-mail  address from the video and quotes from the defacement, ran across another link back to Zhenker that contained his personal website:

All the standard links to other hackers:

And his personal profile picture:

Only the good people of Racine, Wisconsin can understand such misplaced anger.

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