Dec 22 2009

Ph4nt0m Security webzine number four

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The well-known ph4nt0m security group has made their latest edition available here:  zh-cn | google xlate.


Introduction ———- by root
Flashsky interviews ———- by flashsky
Struts2 framework of the security flaws ———- by kxlzx
To focus on IP spoofing ———- by papaya
Fuzz client-side storage objects, looking for client ddos ———- by woyigui
Point defects in the use of application software experience (Webkit articles) ———- by wushi
Bypassing Linux kernel module version check ———- by wzt
ACS – Active Content Signatures ———- by Eduardo Vela Nava
Kabbah heuristics to bypass the virtual machine approach ———- by dangdang

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