Sep 07 2009

China wants real names attached to online comments

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This was posted by Scott Henderson (Trying to comply with the law of the land)

Green Dam, the censorship software that the Chinese government wanted on all PCs sold in China, turned out to be a flop. Beijing’s still keen on exerting greater control over the Internet, though, and Jonathan Ansfield has a good story in the New York Times about the censors’ latest tactic. According to Ansfield’s story, new “secret government orders” have been forcing popular Chinese websites to require new users register with their real names before posting any comments online.

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  1. jyygrdgon 21 Sep 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Tell me why I have so many tags from the fbi, cpni governt-affiation and many more. Also I would like to forward some bank statements from kb for help in interpretation.

    Also, could you recoenment a site or person knowledgable about Chinese law in the area of international crime.

    I am dimayed at the Canadian Governments lack of representation of me as their citizen and the fraud by the BB bank.

    I am going to be submitting a short survey on the KB bank in regards to Organizational Acountabilty, transparency, appeal mechanisms, and service quality. These question will be sprinboarded by several emails to the CEO requesting my bank records with the passport number it was registered too. the date opened and closed if in fact it is closed.

    I will give you more detail in a subsequent message with the scans along with some other questions.

    If you feel that some material should not besent to your attention or you have direction for me on what type of details to go into please advise.

    I look forward to you comments on who might be best to contact regarding Chinese law

  2. jyygrdgon 03 Oct 2009 at 9:34 pm

    some onewake over their … someone must be up to the challenge of retrieving hspling get my jyygred acoun t mabey perhas. it would appear that td bank of canada has been hacked now showing really strange changes in e trasferrs for them (me) to kb do some work on it later. i got a whole bunch of stuff. one thin you could help me with is . … no you can’s in korean …. you can still respond to the really bizzare email fro the ceo who stated “mre obious that you are ignorantt to korean banking standards. this was was in repsonse ” my questions including the bigs like … could you send me a copy of my records … has the account been closed? this is actually going to act as as a spring board in my presentation of the kb accoutabilty, service deliver, and and internal dispurte anbd complaint resolution procedures soon to hit. i would like to hear opinions on certain aspect of apparently acceted korean banking stands to see if chinese standards are the same or whether it is us dopy kanucks that just don’t get. boy mykey board access is screwy aain

  3. jyygrdgon 31 Oct 2009 at 5:58 pm

    yes and then there is whatever h

  4. the Pullon 04 Nov 2009 at 7:21 pm


    China doesn’t have any pressing problems, all the people are doing great, so they have the excess resources to do all of this kind of stuff.

    That was sarcastic.

    When will they learn: it is freedom and transparency which makes a nation succeed. There are logical reasons for this. Other countries adapted, so should they.

    Why be scared of transparency? Countries are forced to adapt to openness and transparency. If they would spend their resources and energies going in these right directions, surely they would not have to worry about losing their jobs because the people get angry at public servants not being such servants.

    Look, game is over. Democracy and the attendant rights and freedoms of man win. It is proven. Even in China, where there have been changes… that is what has helped them. Their Communism is their own, sure… very much like the system under the emperor. Not a whole lot of change… except the emperor didn’t destroy the people.

    It isn’t a race. Freedoms and rights mean decency. China would be free to retain and regrow their vast and beautiful culture with more freedoms. Free World nations are *not* out to get China. It is in everyone’s best interest if China is better functioning.

    Germany is still German, France still French, Britain still British…

    Free now, and all a lot happier and more productive.