Aug 14 2009

When nationalist hackers clash

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In today’s PCWorld, Owen Fletcher provides a comprehensive summary of events surrounding the recent clash of nationalist hackers in connection with the ethnic riots in Xinjiang.  Owen was kind enough to give the blog a plug and we really appreciate that!

Searches on Friday revealed a dozen Web sites of local Chinese government offices that had been defaced with messages in support of the country’s Uighur ethnic minority group. The Uighurs, a mostly Muslim group native to Xinjiang, have complained of poor protection of their culture and a lack of economic opportunity as China has encouraged migration to Xinjiang by Han Chinese, the country’s large ethnic majority. Uighurs and Han Chinese carrying sticks and shovels hunted each other in packs during the rioting last month, which was triggered by an ethnic brawl in far-away southern China that left two Uighurs dead.

Also, props to Jumper for finding the really interesting reports on retaliations by pro-Uighur hackers.

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