Aug 01 2009

Sold Out: Chinese hackers hold all the tickets

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Online sales for the Melbourne Film Festival’s showing of the “Ten Conditions of Love” have been halted due to an attack on the website ticketing system by Chinese hackers.  According to AFP:

Chinese hackers crashed the website of Australia’s biggest film festival, organisers said on Saturday, escalating tensions over a visit here by the exiled leader of the Uighur minority.

Online bookings for the Melbourne International Film Festival had to be shut down after the site was bombarded with phony purchases which resulted in the entire program being sold out, said festival spokeswoman Asha Holmes.

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  1. g_yulongon 01 Aug 2009 at 4:15 pm

    I remember when my friends had a show in Manhattan a very big venue at a well none NY landmark. A small group of employees at this distingquished cultural center conspired with members of the chinese government to tell people in NY when they called into purchase tickets that the show was sold out. When in fact it was not sold out. This problem went on for a few days prior to the first show. Once the problem was figured out and corrected ticket sales returned to a more realistic level.
    It later turned out that two chinese nationals had come to NY with a large sum of cash to influence ticket sales of this well known show. Through much hard work it is now one of the biggest in NY city around chinese new year. The FBI eventually got on aboard and the two chinese nationals where taken into custody.
    Is it just individual’s with a strong sense of nationalism. It it an organized effort by hackers or the government on the mainland , I guess history will write the script.
    I am so glad you provided updates and details mainstream media failed to mention

  2. Heikeon 01 Aug 2009 at 5:15 pm

    Wow, seems like this sort of thing isn’t an isolated incident. Glad you guys found out in time to keep the show going.