Jul 14 2009

Sino-Turkish cyber conflict in the making?

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On 11 July 2009, Turkish hackers defaced China’s National Satellite Meteorological Center website.   Even though the motivations behind the attack were unclear, Chinese netizens viewed it as the opening salvo in an online war over Xinjiang.

On 13 July 2009, a Chinese hacker calling himself the Mafia Baron defaced the Turkish Embassy in China and posted a message on their website demanding they stay out of China’s internal affairs:

Two reasons this could end badly:

  1. The Chinese online community is hailing this as the beginning of counter-attacks against Turkey and the news is spreading rapidly.  Issues involving China’s  sovereignty have a tendency to bring out nationalist sentiment.
  2. The Chinese government is also lashing out at remarks made by the Turkish prime minister that could possibly be interpreted as encouragement for the hackers to take further action.

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