Jul 02 2009

New leader of the Red Hacker Alliance?

During the Olympics Games, a secret organization was formed by a Chinese hacker named Wang Zi to protect Olympic websites against foreign hackers and while they won’t say, reprisals were probably taken against offenders.

This article, from the People’s Daily, details Wang Zi’s efforts to bring back the patriotic spirit of the Red Hacker Alliance.

“The Tao that can be described in words is not the true Tao. The Name that can be named is not the true Name,” – the first two sentences of Tao Te Ching are the slogan of hong ke that appear on the new union’s new homepage.

After the Olympics, Wang Zi’s group retired from the web for a short time, and then on the first day of this year, the group made a bold new announcement.

The blurb on their newly-launched website reads, “Hong ke culture is back. We will hold and transmit hong ke spirit focusing on justice, pioneering and love for the motherland.”

Lin Lin, the leader of Evil Octal (another Chinese hacker organization), refutes Wang Zi’s claim to the title of new leader:

“Lion is the spiritual leader of the hong ke union,” Lin Lin, a leader of hacker group Eviloctal Security Team, told the Global Times. “And without him, no hong ke organization can be regarded as a reorganization of the original.

The article goes to great lengths to distance the organization from being government sanctioned:

Wang Zi says his union is a purely non-governmental organization. They could not register the union’s name with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology until they deleted “Zhongguo” (China) from it.

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