Jul 22 2009

Namibia, what Namibia?

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Now for a break from the Adobe zero day stream…

The censors in the PRC are now apparently blocking searches and taking down articles related to a recent bribery scandal over a multi-million dollar contract in Namibia.  The censors at baidu.cn got a little ambitious and briefly blocked any searches that contain the word Namibia so any search was filtered rather than just results that contained information about the scandal.  As of this post, it appears that baidu.cn searches for “纳米比亚” work just fine without any error message – news about the scandal still does not appear however.  Maybe next they will reach into Chinese Kindles to delete anything related to Namibia.

baidu.cn briefly blocked searches for 纳米比亚 (namibia)

baidu.cn briefly blocked searches for 纳米比亚 (namibia)

Source: Open Net Initiative:  http://opennet.net/blog/2009/07/no-more-namibia-china-blocks-search-results-entire-country

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