Jul 26 2009

Chinese hackers unfamiliar with traditional method of film review

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They were unhappy with the Melbourne Film Festival showing a documentary of Uighur activist Rebiya Kadeer:

Chinese hackers sabotaged the website of Australia’s biggest film festival over plans to screen a documentary about a Uighur activist China accuses of stirring unrest, a report said Sunday.

Hackers attacked the Melbourne International Film Festival website on Saturday, replacing information with the Chinese flag and leaving slogans criticising exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer, The Age newspaper reported.

Someone needs to explain the thumbs up/down or star system to these guys.

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6 Responses to “Chinese hackers unfamiliar with traditional method of film review”

  1. jumperon 27 Jul 2009 at 12:08 am

    I just posted the same thing right on top of this. Within minutes…

    Good job speedy.

  2. BeatUpPrideon 27 Jul 2009 at 2:03 am

    I feel terribly sorry for those Chinese folks who attacked the Website. They just never understand the concept of free speech!

  3. Heikeon 27 Jul 2009 at 8:27 am


    Rather sad that neither one of us has anything better to do on a Sunday night that look for Chinese hacker articles. :)

  4. CBRP1R8on 27 Jul 2009 at 9:49 am

    If it weren’t for Dr. Who on BBC America on Sunday nights there’d be absolutely nothing better to do… :D

  5. Heikeon 27 Jul 2009 at 1:05 pm

    Man, I used to love watching Dr. Who. A buddy and I would go to the local Taco Bell and get a big bag of Burrito Supremes in prep for the marathon (okay and beer). Why, I do not know, except that it was tradition for us. Haven’t seen it in years…sad that.

  6. jyygrdgon 03 Oct 2009 at 4:05 am

    This seems like a good site to vent some crap and see how responses, knowledgabler, alert and general thinking level of computer savy and social resp0nsibility are. So let me introduce the matter(s)

    1: what is a hacker

    2: what is a child or a member of ones own societ under the age of majoraty and what respronsiblity do we have in provifding information in a way that is not to restricvtive but aslso to ensure that information that they revceive is “whatever” The first thing herethat I thinkj will be challenging is the west will critizie china for their communist repressive ways and in turn the, the hinese who historically hate being repressed will defend by ponting out that that the americvans are notherng but rd headed devils and bite them in the ankles everytime they can. This is more than an annoyance if the bites g occur at critical times … more said about that later in a discussion of what is a hacke? Remind me to talk about the CEO of KB … in regards to his programing knowedge and his secretary haveing to program his alarm clock to wake up for lunch to meet the “gegraphical head” of lg. Lg is a very usful ally in any type of hack. Is there any one in any group or on an indivdual level that would argue against this?

    3. Is actually covered somewhat in 2 above but is more specific to the questions of a question I recvied from some viaq email on one of my accouny, eho knoe hoe iy rnfrf up on my lap bu it appeared o be a sincere question from a nice kid and it deserseed a response . Now that is big shit and some responsibilty for me to take on but I did and I did again tonight with my son. yikes it brought up things like, what the hell is you chinese mother doing? I of course as you may know very much like China but you know I I have really started to hate my wife whis Chinese is now agin back with a white guy and all the time we where married would not move bavck to asia as I wanted as this was just not done … that is wierd … a chinese married to a white girl ., the chinese girl airntgoing move back to china or even hk as dem honkys are crude.. real crap I had to deal with this for year, and i aint say i am perfect, just nearly.

    Let get back to the issues of 1 2 and 3 above.

    Here is what start this public “comment” to d/side/ yak yak and yak as it appared from roaming around that the nparticipant usually had a balance thought process oftech, pure progaming logic and some deeper phylisophical processess that included ethics and stuff like that (important and complex especially if one is to design and execute an effective hack.

    Lets go back again to what prompted me to send out such a document that may be reacted too in outrage, ridicule or probaly as many thing invo9lveing bilateral and thinking and multi -tasking with a system shut don or basiclly a temporary enial of servie.

    I asked my son a simple question: What the hells going on? don’t ya know my email? just because you don’t know my phone number or where I am don’t mean you can not email me (sort of getting into basic communication IP stuff. Sowe went on and on and basicly he said that mommy says he want to live in China. So my respnse is so what that the way it is it has never been a secret etc. So I continue on in my path of assesment to see how my sone is doing ie. does he have a girl fri8end … this is import to the whole issue of writing this to you guys to pass on for consideration and whatever.

    It is important for this flowinjg reasonthat he gavge me afrter I asked him “What else have you heard about me ? Well nothing lies through his teeth to me with and then says …. he then says well daddy “we don’t know what you guys do? (note the sexist manne3r my son put the gender attachment … juat a side issue but china girls security may want to make note of the eaarly years that gender is apparent in many spects of all o ou social behvior. … so lets carry on and tie some of the points together.

    So in my continued proffessional type assement apprach and recoqotnion of being a parent I replied “what fucking guys and what the fuck his telling you? My son says you DARK VISITORS… So I thinking firstly , ***-Mi (chinese confidentiallty) you are at it again and began to tell him to fire up the computer and take a look at the site as he can go on it and learn and enjoy and etc. and that a hack ius a complicated thing not only in terms of legality but in porgramming et ect ect (boring the hell out of hime) but at the same time realizing I waS WAS ACTUALLY LEARNING SOMething myself. (Iwill get into that later when I re-visit the above 3 ponts and talk about the question and ask anyone what is a hacker when I provide with para,meters that they have to answer with in.

    Plus before I forget it I think as much as I think that burning incense what and effectir “hack” , (and very anonoying but very isolated in it’s range of damge but incredibilby resislliant.. have to ask that guy abiut this some day. But if he did not have “networking nsupport it was a truly well designed trojan type program that gained access and a programing marvel or a good programing job as most good disciplined chinese techies could write with a tremdous wide openning of luck to gain entrance into a system that was struggling to fight things and allow acess in other areas … you guys know that stuff.

    What is the point… will be coming on dark vistitor as I asww nothing wrong with the site nand perhaps he can larn and o help all of us … compredi?

    I do not want any one to baby sit him just keep it clean smoke outside as it is currently happening and as I said things are great and as said my son can learn as all refeced to the above 3 points can and dam it mabey the adults wil learn something as well.

    lastly, not really lastly as i will and want to return to a rfew issue ./.. knda like legal stuf in regards to hacking, social networking with agencies like kb and lg as this make the hack very lethal, and whole bunch of stuff but my battery is about to go.

    any comments appreciated. this has been a vwevery long week and i am struggling with infromation and trojan type decision ihave to make that are not easy
    talk with you later gtta run just thought i would drop you a few lines

    So we got talking about some things and I said well you have to think and talk to hack and no one person really puyllls it off . n n yakk yakk that type of line but it is true. it is the most powerful networking that the ceo was able to pull off with the like of lg to steal and fraud people (just a side issue but I want my money back but I will deal with this in a different forum later)

    Going back it was a good practice run for me in answering that kid that asked me how deo you become a hacker?

    Why this was usuful in answe3ring my son was he asid what do you do? I replied , defencslly “I have have done nothing illega.l” and that is true ….. but I went on to bang on my drum and tay “