Jul 13 2009

Chinese hacker leaves warning on Turkish Embassy website

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According to Tang Xiang, special correspondent for the World Times, a friend of the publication informed him that the Turkish Embassy in China had been hacked on the 13th.  The hacker left his message  in the website’s headline demanding that the Turkish government not interfere in China’s internal affairs.

After receiving the information, the reporter went to the website of the Turkish Embassy (turkey.org.cn) at around 15:00hrs on the same day.  The website was rather slow to load and when he went to the Chinese News Center of the website, in the top-most section were red letters furiously expressing the topic, “A letter to your country.”  The webpage displayed, Monday, 13 July 2009.   The person who left the message called himself the “Mafia Baron” of hackers and expressed this in the letter:

“The Xinjiang issue is China’s internal affair, please do not use this as a pretext to meddle in China’s internal affairs.”  He also stated that Turkish officials who had called for a boycott of Chinese goods, as well as Turkish demonstrators burning Chinese products, should not behave so radically.  However, if Turkey wanted to join the European Union to harm the Chinese people, no matter if it was the US or European Union, the Chinese people were unafraid and had the spirit and capability to overcome anything.  He hoped that the Turkish Ambassador could understand the feelings of the Chinese people.

UPDATE:  This looks like it might be the “Mafia Baron’s” website, if you move to the far right-hand side of the blog you will see the Chinese characters 黑手党男爵 (Mafia Baron).  The website is dedicated to hacking but I guess that could all be a coincidence.  Just in case, I left him a message asking if he was the one who hacked the Turkish Embassy website:


2009年07月14日 星期二 上午 08:42 | 回复



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