Jul 27 2009

Chinese hacker, now just phoning it in

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The Chinese hacker who defaced the Melbourne Film Festival website signed his message of protest with the sid Oldjun.  To obscure his online identity, he named his personal website…Oldjun.com.  Some people just don’t care about their chosen profession and it shows.

Even the people who have stopped by Oldjun’s blog are dismayed by his total disregard for anonymity.   They point out that his personal info is all over Baidu and his blog site.   It gives away his surname, age, where he went to school and ID number.  They joke telling him to run and hide.

Huanqiu.com tracked Oldjun down using a Whois lookup on the website and got him to confess:

After tracing the domain name Oldjun, The Sunday Age spoke to Zhou Yu, 24, an IT professional from Nanjing, who admitted hacking the site after learning about the controversy from the internet.

Mr Zhou denied acting on behalf of the Chinese Government, stating he acted ‘because I am Chinese. I’m very angry — not only me, but I think all of the Chinese people— about this.’

As an added bonus, our old friend Sunwear shows up in the comments section.  My theory still holds that if Sunwear is present, something bad is happening.

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