Jul 09 2009

Chinese Cyber Command receives 94% online support

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The guy who arrives late to the party and starts rehashing what everyone else has been talking about for the last hour, that would be me.  This online poll for the establishment of a Chinese Cyber Command is a little over a week-old but I just saw it today, so you guys may have to endure it again:

A survey by Huanqiu.com shows that the majority of Chinese netizens support China’s establishment of a cyber command.

As of 8 am on June 28, the survey by Huanqiu.com entitled “Do you think China should establish a cyber command?” which was launched on June 25 had attracted over 4,000 votes. Over 94 percent of netizens (3,823 votes) were in favor of the idea while less than 6 percent (240 votes) were against it.

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