Apr 01 2009

GhostNet: Beijing or NGO Chinese hackers?

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Ashok Sharma, from the AP, asked me this question yesterday and here was my response from his article Dalai Lama condemns hacking of computers:

Scott Henderson, author of The Dark Visitor, a self-published book about Chinese hackers, said he thought it was feasible that the attacks described in the report could have been carried out by an individual over the course of a year or so.

Henderson said it wouldn’t be unusual for a Chinese hacker to want to infiltrate the Dalai Lama’s computers because most of the mainland hackers he has researched “place as much importance on sovereignty (over Tibet and other contentious areas) as Beijing does.”

To be fair to the researhers at IWM, they never said it was the government either.  At least that is my interpretation of their conclusions.

So, do we have any evidence that this could have been done by a group other than the Chinese government?

Stay tuned…

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  1. every1s0bviouson 10 Apr 2009 at 7:29 pm

    China, like Russia before them, is a tyrannical system. Totalitarian. They are ruled by a corrupt minority who have the gall to pretend their system is actually more for the poor and the people then Democracy would be. Like any totalitarian system with the resources, there is nothing more dread to them then a righteous critic from their own land puncturing the great consensual delusion which holds aloft their fragile status quo.

    It is like any cult. They fear most of all sincere, genuine criticism. And as with any cult the most dread opponent of all is one of their own who has turned.

    What is amusing is that the Chinese revere those who rebelled against the old oppressive system, those who fought against the fat rulers and petty tyrants put over their people… those who suck dry the land and whose power is so tenuous, such a light bubble… they fear greater then tanks and bombs… singularly placed words of true criticism.