Feb 23 2009

Wendell Minnick and Defense News

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First, even though Mr. Minnick was kind enough to mention me in this report, he did all of the heavy lifting and investigation.  My VERY limited contribution to his work was simply commenting on things he uncovered.  The equivalent of one person watching someone else work and telling them your opinion of their labor.

Defense News
Chinese IT Firm Accused of Links to Cyberwarfare

TAIPEI — In the past 10 years, Beijing-based Venus Info Tech has become the dominant provider of information technology (IT) network security to the Chinese intelligence and military community.

It also has been accused of providing hacker services that help the Chinese government penetrate foreign government computer networks. Sources also accuse Venus of helping Beijing build the “great firewall of China,” by developing software to monitor and control the domestic Internet.

Finally, Venus has operating agreements with Microsoft and other non-Chinese firms, which Western observers say may help Beijing find vulnerabilities in other governments’ networks.

The firm “is heavily party affiliated and the company personnel go through party indoctrination because they handle state secrets,” said Scott Henderson, author of the book, “The Dark Visitor — Inside the World of Chinese Hackers.”
“I would be very worried about U.S. companies working with this type of organization; [it] gives them too much access.” Venus officials declined requests for an interview.

Continue reading on the Venus story by Wendell Minnick…

UPDATED: My apologies to Mr. Minnick, I didn’t notice he had this story up on his personal blog so I have deleted the full story and left the teaser.  The rest of the story is continued on his blog.  Please click over there.

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