Feb 24 2009

The “Crab Group” virus dissemination family

According to Kingsoft Anti-Virus, the “Crab Group” is one of China’s top-5 virus dissemination families and responsible for the recent infection of around 30 million computers.

Kingsoft’s 2008 Year-End report reveals that within hacker circles, the majority of money is earned by establishing viral dissemination chains.  While a virus author may earn a salary of one million yuan a year (approx USD 150,000), it was possible for a viral dissemination group to earn ten million yuan (approx USD 1.5 million) yearly.

The Crab Group had gained access to a unidentified trusted server in Guangdong, uploading viruses and trojans on popular websites.  The group had been using the “Cat Ringworm” virus, a.k.a Charging Bull, as their primary dissemination tool and infected around 30 million computers.

For background on the Chinese hacker virus industry chain read here, here, and here.

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