Feb 10 2009

Text messaging service and experiment 情人节手机短信

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Still keeping an eye on Baidus top searches and noticed among this week’s top results the key term “Lantern Festival Text Messages.”  We saw pretty much the same thing happen during the beginning of Chinese New Year.

The experiment:

At least in my mind, part of studying the Chinese hacker community is learning how to think like they do; to anticipate their next move.  We know that holidays are a good time to attack online shopping, e-mails, cell phones and set up phishing sites.

So, as a Chinese hacker, how do I go about setting up a phishing site to get the best results?  My guess is that you have to be ahead of the curve on what is about to happen and understand the culture.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if the trend holds true, a lot of people in China will be searching for that perfect text message to send.

Having this blog a little over a year, experience tells me that we get the most hits and are ranked highest when we post first.  If you report after something happens, keyword search results are much farther down the list.  You also want to have as many of the keyword phrases in your meta data and posts as possible:


(NOTE: All the links provided run back through the original site where I found these Valentine’s Day text messages, so the owner won’t lose traffic.  Also, the links click through to the corresponding requests in the hope I don’t annoy people who did not sign up for some damn internet experiment.)

Obviously, I’m much too lazy to be a decent hacker because I’ve only provided a few possible text phrases and I’m not about to change the metadata on the blog.  The post is three days out from Valentine’s so that should put us higher in the search results.  What I want to see is how many possible victims we would attract with this very simple experiment.  I’ll post updates on the number of hits we get from search engine traffic with Chinese text.  That should eliminate all the results from direct traffic and most others.

Right now I’m sure there are plenty of professional search engine optimization people and honeypot researchers who want to just punch me in the face for doing something so stupid.

UPDATE: So far we have a grand total of: 10 hits

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