Feb 25 2009

Peek-a-boo, you’re hacked and new internet slang

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(UPDATE: Didn’t feel comfortable with the translation “Peek-a-boo,” so did a little more looking and found it could also mean “hide and seek” or even “blind man’s bluff.”  However, it can mean Peek-a-boo, so the title is staying.  You get the point.)

Going to have to do a quick summary of this story because my boss expects me to show up at work today (bastard):

1) Guy gets arrested in Yunnan for cutting down lumber illegally.

2) Later, according to officials, he is killed in the jail after playing “Peek-a-boo” in his cell with another inmate.  Just the game, no other meaning.

3) Tons of people question why grown men would be playing a child’s game in prison. They don’t buy the story and demand an investigation.

4) Public officials try some online public relations and invite the Human Flesh Search Engine to help investigate the incident.

5) Human Flesh Search Engine organization calls BS on the PR move and wants access to the surveillance cameras in the prison.

6) Officials claim they don’t allow that.

7) Yunnan government website gets hacked leaving references to popular internet slang terms such as; “the push-up” and “buy soy sauce.”

Push-up: Being inconvenient or unwilling to comment

Buy Soy Sauce: Expressing that one has no knowledge of something, or have no comments, an attitude of minding one’s own business.

(background on the origin of these terms at Chaile)

8) New Chinese internet slang “Peek-a-boo”(躲猫猫) is born.

Now I gotta go to work.

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2 Responses to “Peek-a-boo, you’re hacked and new internet slang”

  1. CBRP1R8on 26 Feb 2009 at 8:38 am

    LOL, Peek-a-Boo….. :D Are you sure that’s translated correctly…I think the prison term over here for it is called …”hide the salami”…. lololol :P

  2. Heikeon 26 Feb 2009 at 10:02 am

    You know, that was the first thing that came to my mind too. Figured it must be some sort of euphemism, that I didn’t want to know about.