Feb 06 2009

China’s 2008 Top 10 viruses and organized crime

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Yesterday, Jiangmin released their 2008 Computer Virus Epidemic report showing the top 10 viruses for 2008.  The report further noted that online organized crime elements were forming underground industrial chains to manufacture and disseminate viruses.

In 2008, there were 1.09 million viruses intercepted, representing an increase of over 200% from 2007.  The report also stated that over 28 million computers had been infected by viruses and this reflected a drop of 18.39% from 2007 due to enhanced security awareness.

Trojans accounted for 78% of all viruses intercepted, backdoor programs 10%, malicious advertisements 4%, worms 6%, and all others 2%.  Presenting the biggest problem, trojans and backdoor viruses increased 10% when compared to 2007 statistics.

China’s Top 10 Viruses for 2008

  1. Trojan/PSW.OnLineGames
  2. Trojan/PSW.GamesPass
  3. Trojan/Agent
  4. Checker/Autorun
  5. Backdoor/Huigezi
  6. Trojan/PSW.QQPass
  7. Exploit.CVE-2007-0071
  8. Trojan/StartPage
  9. Trojan/DogArp
  10. Win32/Infectrpcss

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