Feb 08 2009

Are Chinese hackers forcing Indian Officials off the web?

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Over the last eight months, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has been armor coating the country’s cyber security system.  As part of the security layering process, Indian diplomats are prohibited from: logging into social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut and Ibibo; downloading peer-to-peer music; sharing photos through Flickr and Picasa; writing a blog; and using G-mail, Yahoo! or Hotmail for official communication.

The following section led me to believe China had a lot to do with the new directive…and the fact that they were the only country mentioned by name:

Apart from their offices within the country, cyber security officials are also fortifying Indian embassies abroad with the first such team visiting the Indian embassy in Beijing late last year.

In 2008, nearly 100 Internet addresses were blocked, several of them at Chengdu in China, after these were found to be the source of a swarm of attacks on the network.

‘An attack could be just a simple mail, which activates a programme to leak data from that computer to another address on the net,’ the ministry official said, adding new intrusions were more geographically dispersed.

‘We had some intrusions which were traced to Houston, but we know that Chinese hackers were behind it,’ the official said. ‘It’s a daily defensive war that we are engaged in.’

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