Jan 23 2009

Patriotic Chinese hackers attack website of melamine poisoned children

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In September, we brought you the story of Chinese hackers protesting the Sanlu Corp. for their practice of adding melamine to milk products in order to make them appear higher in protein.  Melamine is not intended for human consumption and caused children in China to develop kidney stones.  Many children died or suffered horribly.

Following the incident, the website jieshibaobao.com (children that developed kidney stones) was established to allow parents of victims to communicate with one another and post pictures of their children and the ordeal they endured.  The website posts images of the children’s suffering and has become an advocate group for compensation.

A group of patriotic Chinese hackers have joined together to attack the  website and force it down.  They claim the website is illegal, posting photoshopped pictures and fabricating the condition of the patients.  This casts a bad light on China’s period of prosperity and therefore, jieshibaobao.com has become the target of resentful patriotic youth.

The website was under daily attack and unable to function.  Jieshibabao was forced to move their website to an overseas server in hopes of avoiding the attacks.  However, the large coalition of patriotic hackers continued the attack and shut it down again.

Chinese netizens were not uniform in their support of this action.  Many were solidly against it.

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  1. Wenjaoboon 25 Jan 2009 at 2:26 am

    Who is hacking the hackers then or do the best really know?

  2. Heikeon 25 Jan 2009 at 6:02 am

    Not sure I understand the question.