Jan 10 2009

GFW circumvention tools are not just for pr0n.

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Hal Roberts’ blog on Harvard Law Review has a cool article about privacy of data with a few specific anti-censorship tools including the well-known Dynaweb/Freegate, GPass and Firephoenix.  The blog links to a page that includes reports of aggregate usage of these tools including top destination sites.  The site does not attempt to correlate source and destination but Roberts’ blog indicates that that may be just a matter of paying a fee and proving that you have the right intentions.  See more here.

Q: I am interested in more detailed and in-depth visit data. Are they available?

A: Yes, we can generate custom reports that cover different levels of details for your purposes, based on a fee. But data that can be used to identify a specific user are considered confidential and not shared with third parties unless you pass our strict screening test. Please contact us if you have such a need.

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