Jan 03 2009

“Death Blog” and the end of cyber hunting in China

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A landmark case in China may signal the end of the “Human Flesh Search Engine.” According to The Malaysian Insider:

The cyber hunters who roam China’s online space could soon become the hunted themselves. The Chinese legislature is deliberating a new law to curb the excesses of a growing trend here — the awkwardly-named “human flesh search engine”.

The first case of cyber hunting in China is believed to be in 2001, when a netizen posted a photo of a girl online, claiming that she was his girlfriend. Other netizens found out that the beauty was computer giant Microsoft’s model Chen Ziyao and exposed the lie.

The government wants to crack down on those Internet users who hunt down individuals online and expose details of their personal lives. The draft law says the cyber hunters and the website service providers will be held responsible if they violate the privacy of others. And if victims ask for their personal information to be deleted, the online portals must comply.

This comes after a recent successful lawsuit by a victim against a cyber hunter and an online portal — signifying that the netizens who style themselves as some kind of cyber vigilantes could soon find themselves falling foul of the law.

Question, could it have anything to do with this?

Chinese internet vigilantes bring down another official

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