Jan 01 2009

Chinese hackers deface Yasukuni Shrine website…again

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On 24 December 08, Chinese hackers once again defaced the Yasukuni Shrine website.  Here is a little background from The Dark Visitor:

(Cyber Conflict of 2001)

August of 2001 would again see attacks on Japanese web sites in response to former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s visit to the controversial Yasukuni war memorial.  Chinese hackers struck first on 13 August, attacking the server for the Japan Meteorological Agency.   Following that, a large number of Japanese government web sites were attacked, such as “the Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute, the the Defense Systems Research Committee, the Central Convention Service, Inc., the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, the Defense Facilities Administration Agency, the Communications Research Laboratory, and web sites for members of Parliament. The Honker Union of China issued the following statement:

“Prime Minister Koizumi, in defiance of the protests across Asia and of those seeking peace within Japan, made a public visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, a shrine which symbolizes Japanese militarism.  This error by a Japanese leader has been gravely hurtful to the peoples of Asia especially to the feelings of the people of China, who were harmed most deeply.  Together with the issue of the textbooks, this stain is embodied by how the Japanese authorities treat this error without the slightest sense of repentance.  Immediately upon learning of this the Honkers convened a portion of its members to a meeting to discuss a strategy in response to this sudden incident.  The final decision, taken prior to our country having expressed its protest to Japan, was to use our skills to express the solemn and just protest of this youthful Internet generation against the new Japanese government, and its strong dissatisfaction with the leaders of Japan.  The Honker Union, in this emergency action, has replaced the main pages of the following government web sites in Japan. This is in no way inconsistent with our efforts to promote the Honker spirit.  The Honker Union expresses its regret that this matter has occurred, and takes responsibility for the attacks on the web sites listed below.  History should not be ignored.  How can the truth be changed? We win respect by counterattacking.  We are in the right!”

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