Jan 12 2009

China: Number of QQ users now surpasses total US population

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The new benchmark for any Chinese internet enterprise now seems to be when the number of users surpasses the total US population.  QQ has now accomplished that with 350 million registered members.

Funny thing too, the last report on the Chinese online population put it at 290 million.  So, everybody in China uses QQ and another 60 million from outside the country?  Pretty sure Jumper registered a couple of hundred QQ accounts himself, so that narrows the numbers a bit.   At one point, QQ had 1/2 billion registered users primarily due to people gathering special numbers:

In some places, special QQ account numbers, such as 88888 or 66666 (6 and 8 are lucky numbers in China) were sold, or stolen and then sold, at a high price in the black-market. Some users even registered tens of QQ accounts in one day in order to get their favorite account numbers. In 2002, register users increased almost 1 million every day.

This is actually a very good article from China Daily on the history of QQ and Pony Ma, the founder.

As most of you know, if you want to contact a Chinese hacker for a DDoS attack or any other nefarious reason, you have to do it via his or her QQ number.

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    It’s all in the beginning for the internet in China.