Jan 13 2009

China: Mapbar and IDOIDO Social GIS

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This is really cool if you are into Geographical Information Systems.

Mapbar (China’s largest online mapping service) has teamed up with IDOIDO (Marriage website) to create a social mapping service for those lucky couples about to tie the knot.  You just click on the IDO Map and you can run searches for: landmarks, train stations, scenic spots, public parks, educational institutes (what?), municipal agencies, and route info.


Not layered information like a true GIS project but getting there.  Here is a query from the IDOIDO website on Nuclear Power that shows the Beijing Nuclear Power Ltd Co.:


IDODO Internet Bars


IDOIDO Hacker Restaurant (What?)


Sadly, the search for military only returned the location for the military museum.

I’m a bride with special needs! :)

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