Dec 06 2008

Chinese hacker “hero Han” and leak of Windows 7 build 6956

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Screenshot from Windows 7 Center

From iTWire on leak of Windows 7 build 6956:

The site is where I first read of the 6956 build leaking to the Internet.

The site says: “The impossible has been done again and pirates all over the world are busy trying to obtain the more updated build of Windows 7- build 6956.

“Just a day after WinHEC China began, an attendee from the conference managed to slip a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) image of Windows 7 Build 6956 onto a portable device and upload it via torrent to the world.

“You’d think that Microsoft would have some sort of security enforced to keep this from happening after how hard they’ve been trying to prevent any leaks. The uploader from the PCBeta forum uses the alias Edward_Han, and is seen by the Chinese Windows community as a hero. The community has been referring to him as Edward_Han the hero, and even Master Edward_Han.”

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