Oct 22 2008

Microsoft accused of hacking China?!?

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An angry Chinese lawyer accused Microsoft of perpetrating the biggest ever hacker attack in response to the software giant’s controversial move to trigger hourly screen blackouts on computers using pirated copies of Windows XP. [Cast your vote]

On October 20, Dong Zhengwei, a lawyer of Beijing Zhongyin Law Office, sent a complaint to China’s Ministry of Public Security, accusing Microsoft of invading personal computers without user permission or judicial authorization, the Beijing Times reported.

Dong said the judiciary should assign criminal responsibility for the Windows Genuine Advantage Program so called “Black Screen” scheme and halt this “illegal move”.

To fight software piracy Microsoft announced on October 15 that, starting October 21, Microsoft anti-piracy software would be automatically installed on users’ computers through the routine Internet-based update mechanism. If a computer fails a validation test, the desktop will change to a plain black background when the computer is restarted.

Read it all, Microsoft accused of hacking attack.

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  2. Eastwoodon 22 Oct 2008 at 2:54 pm

    Great read! I hope M$ gets what they deserve.

    Now would be a great time for a user-friendly distro like Ubuntu to do a mass marketing campaign (like the Firefox ones), especially since Intrepid is coming out in just 8 days.