Oct 25 2008

Excuse me Mr. Bill Gates, Chinese hackers not putting up with your crap!

The program seen above is a patch for the Microsoft “black screen of death” and was written by a female Chinese hacker group at the Guangdong Foreign Language, Foreign Trade University (Guangdong Foreign Studies University).

The patch keeps Chinese users, who are running pirated copies of Microsoft Windows, from having to refresh their computer screens every hour when the black screen pops up.

The Chinese hacker program was released on 15 October, five days before Microsoft’s pre-announced plan went into effect (Jumper, is this possible?).  The black screen seems to have been a mere annoyance, designed by Microsoft to encourage people to purchase legal copies of Windows.  It does not effect the computer’s ability to function.

From the comments I have read on a few boards, this does not seem to be one of the programs written to spread malware.

The website for the group that released the patch is here.  The message attached to the download reads as follows:

“Excuse me Bill Gates, this time, I must once again oppose all of you [Microsoft]. I can’t let you introduce chaos into the Chinese system again for no good reason! For many years now, people have stolen Windows and just this year you decide do something about it? That is stupid!!

We are not the military but we have the same mission, to protect the sovereignty of the Chinese network.”

A few interesting comments on the boards you might like to read.  Don’t have the time to translate, so I give you the Google xlations.  No, they aren’t 100% accurate but they will give you the feel of the conversation.

Something to take note of, not all of the Chinese users are onboard with the “hate Microsoft theme.” There are a number of dissenting voices, saying that stealing intellectual property is wrong.  Good for them!

Update (jumper 1543GMT OCT 26):  The site hosting the anti-anti-piracy patch is overloaded:

Bandwidth Exceeded!

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