Oct 13 2008

Chinese hacker books and the Falun Gong

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Book title: Chinese hackers

No doubt, many of you are wondering what to get us for the holidays. Well, worry no more, China’s Xinhua Online Bookstore has you covered.

Checked out their selection on hacking and found a total of 270 books on the subject.  While many of these are just translations from the US and other sources, they did have original manuscripts such as the one above.

Got bored after the first hundred or so titles and a thought hit me, what would happen if I searched for books on the Falun Gong (法轮功)?


Looking for “Taiwanese Independence” and “Free Tibet” simply returned zero hits.

(Amazon.cn also kicked me off for Falun Gong search)

NOTE: The thing about holiday gifts was a joke, a JOKE.  Sometimes my online humor doesn’t translate very well and I get e-mails asking if I was serious.

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  1. Eastwoodon 14 Oct 2008 at 9:58 pm

    There, there… to make up for Heike and Jumper’s holiday gifts, I’m sure some readers would keep in mind that there are Google Ads placed on the site ;)