Oct 03 2008

China’s Cyber Police Map (with links)

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Recently I’ve been interested in China’s Cyber Police and how they function. Nothing worth sharing yet but some of our readers are Chinese linguist and might find this map and links to cyber police websites interesting.

On a side note, many of the web addresses for Chinese cyber police stations include the number 110.   For example, the Shandong Cyber Police web address is http://www.sd110.gov.cn/.  In China, as well as Taiwan, 110 is similar to the 911 emergency number.  However in China, 110 is the exclusive contact number for the police.  Other emergency services, such as the fire department, use different contact numbers.  The fire department’s number is 119.

Chinese Cyber Police links just below map.

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  1. Concerned2on 08 Oct 2008 at 2:26 pm

    Interesting information….On a side note I was wondering what
    chinese bloggers make of this story circulating on youtube and other on line communities….