Aug 18 2008

CNN’s angry Chinese hacker Xiao Chen returns

In March of this year, CNN ran a story about Xiao Chen and his organization of hackers, reporting that the group had broken into the Pentagon and received payments from the Chinese government.

Xiao Chen, in a subsequent interview with the Shanghai Post, refuted all of CNN’s allegations and tearfully explained how all of this controversy had caused him to close his website…he had struggled to create it…he had poured his heart and soul into it…and now was left with only had a handful of magic beans to show for his trouble.

I may be mixing my stories but he did elevate whining to an art form.

No need to worry, Xiao Chen pulled himself up, dusted himself off and managed to get back in the hacking game. Welcome to the new , decorated in Olympic themed swirls guaranteed to never go out of style:

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