Aug 04 2008

Chinese hacker dancing and defacing = pure awesome!

Just going to change the name of the blog to the Xiao Tian Show and call it a day. Even though Chinese hackers are now constantly worrying about the Olympics getting hacked, Xiao Tian has managed to remain in the spotlight. The latest articles making the rounds about Xiao Tian still summarize the interview with the Daily News and Analysis, just with the addition of a defacement:

The first reference I can find of this defacement indicates it took place in September of 2006, to protest Prime Minister Koizumi’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. Several people posting think it was done by a female hacker due to the signature line that translates to something like, “the girl pissing on the Yasukuni toilet.”

The article uses the screen shot to demonstrate how ferocious female Chinese hacker can be and does not attribute it to Xiao Tian. Plus, we know our gal would never use such vulgar language. She saves all that built up nationalist energy for the dance floor:

FROM Xiao Tian’s blog: She is on the left in black and says to ignore the other girl in the short skirt. As a matter of fact, Xiao Tian wants you to know she hates that girl. Apparently, the DJ pushed the girl up on the stage so the two could dance together. Xiao Tian doesn’t have kind words for the DJ either. Also, she claims to have been a bit nervous on stage, so these are not her best dance moves.

That is why you come here, for the culture. Now, back to your nerdly doings.

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    qq nick: 国伟律师所