Aug 19 2008

China hacker gang issues diplomas…goes to jail

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Via Dancho Danchev

If you needed a university certificate in China during the last couple of months, there’s a big chance that a group of ten people could have supplied with you such, going a step further and adding your details in more than ten government databases across different provinces in the country, making $300k in the process.

Shanghai Daily is reporting on this sophisticated group of local hackers who were selling “valid” educational certificates by modifying government databases.

Looking for higher education, read it here: China hacker gang busted

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  1. lowtech2dayon 20 Aug 2008 at 5:21 pm

    Great story to shed the light on the Olympic Spirit in China…
    I have seen other media is picking up the story and talking it up
    for example:
    look forward to your next hot posting, 4 the real coverage of the Olympics one should tune in here….