Jul 21 2008

Leader of Chinese female hacker “security” team not happy

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On May 29th, we posted a profile of Cn Girl Security Team, an organization of female hackers. A reporter from the Daily News and Analysis, Venkatesan Vembu, picked up the story and called for an interview.

Not sure how widely the story was circulated in the western press but it sure was popular in China.

On her blog, Xiao Tian admits that all the sudden publicity came as a shock when people started calling asking about the article. She claims to have stepped away from the “security” site for quite some time and that much of what was written was hype. Just a girl who enjoys blogging and computers. For someone who takes so many pictures of herself, it is hard to believe that this has become such a burden on her.

The Cn Girl Security Team website has been showing a 403 error for the past week and some have suggested it was done by hackers. They say this further demonstrates the low-level technical skills possessed by the group. Xiao Tian denies the rumor and contends there was a problem with the hosting service.

Either way, one more hacker website bites the dust. Hundreds remain but we got you covered.

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