Jul 07 2008

Bejtlich on last month’s Cyber Panel

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Richard Bejtlich blogged about the AF Cyber Panel last month and provides a plug for the TDV book which he reviewed a while ago.  The Cyber Panel had some informal discussion about the cyber-militia:

In the US, our DoD relies upon professional, uniformed military members, government civilians, and an immense contracting force to defend the nation and project its military power. In China, their PLA mixes uniformed military with ordinary civilians, some of whom act at the behest of the military and government, with others acting on their own for “patriotic means.” 

The discussion turns into a comparison of the US/PRC capabilities and specifically how the US can recruit and retain qualified cyber warriors.  The problem seems to be that the PRC can call up an army of qualified patriotic hackers while the US is having problems recruiting and retaining talent.

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