Jun 21 2008

Vampires, Chinese hackers, Treachery and Smoking Hacker Babe…Let’s face it, this post has it all!

New Chinese hacker program making the rounds called Chinese Vampire v2.2.1 (starving anti-virus) billed as a trojan downloader tool, ARP attack, QQ tail…etc. The screenshot below shows the downloader interface:

From what I have read about the tool, it is very effective. So effective in fact, that another Chinese hacker calling himself Sadness, from the Black Wolf hacker group, stole it. Yes, he did. Look at the trackback URLs associated with this screenshot compared to the one above (circled in red). Notice that our thief has changed it to the Black Wolf website instead of the www.9u9u9.cn address.

The true author of Vampire v2.2.1 runs the website pictured below and calls himself SKSgod…sigh. He was really unhappy with the theft of his property and posted a pretty nasty response to Sadness. Yeah, hacker on hacker violence doesn’t concern me in the least.

Now the truly exciting part of this post, there is also a female hacker involved in the marketing of this fine product named Jiajia (佳佳). Hmmm, you say…that name sounds familiar? Well it should! It is the same name as one of the members of the Six Golden Flowers.

Jiajia of the Six Golden Flowers

Is the same Jiajia? I don’t think it is but not sure. On her blog, this Jiajia claims that due to the controversy over the stolen program, there are only two legitimate sites to download Vampire v2.2.1. One is her site and the other at SKSgod’s. Yes, there was a picture associated with Jiajia’s website:

Now this girl certainly doesn’t look like Jiajia number one and she appears to be a bit younger. Also, the characters next to the picture said “Sleepless Night.” Hell, this could be the picture off an album cover (and yes I did try to see if I could find a record called Sleepless Night) for all I know. She may just be the Brittany Spears of China. Thought I would include it anyway…sue me.

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