Jun 28 2008

Sir, sir…please don’t poke the bear!

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From the Heilongjiang Daily, via News China, a 19-year-old Chinese hacker going by the online name of Autumn Breeze decided to deface the main page of the… Daqing Public Security Bureau website … and leave behind several taunting messages to include his contact information. Brilliant!

According to the report, Autumn Breeze felt that his skills at hacking were so good there was no way he could get caught. Well, it did take the police a little over an hour to track him down…so he has that going for him.

On 12 June, police who were working online discovered that a hacker had managed to gain access to the Daqing Public Sercurity Bureau website and leave behind several taunting messages:

“So, basically Daqing doesn’t have a cyber police force?”

“Do the cyber police just get paid to do nothing?”

“Is the software installed on the internet cafes used by the cyber police to collect fees?”

He also left behind the name “Autumn Breeze” and his e-mail contact information.

Under the direction of Captain Liu, of the Daqing Cyber Police, officers were able to track Autumn Breeze to a local internet cafe and arrest him while in the process of attacking another website. Autumn Breeze made a full confession saying, “Oh, you get paid to do this!”

Yeah, I may have fudged that last quote a bit.

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