Jun 24 2008

Chinese hackers target college entrance exams (again)

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According to HC360.com, with the end of Chinese college entrance exams (高考) and the start of registration, parents and students need to protect their online information from hackers.  The warning explains that while the internet contains a lot of relevant information about registration, it also has risks.

Digital Security Laboratories (sucop.com) is reminding parents of the students taking the exams to increase their vigilance and prevent incidents with hackers before they occur.  They list several methods the hackers commonly use to get information from the students:

1) The underground hacker industrial chain uses information on the college entrance examination in order to disseminate trojans and viruses.  The article further explains that this element of the underground economy is already in place and fully developed.   People engaged in this type of activity are highly adept at using social engineering to manipulate large-scale events such as the Olympics, disasters, entrance exams…etc. They used the information collected from online users for their own financial benefit.

2)  The underground transaction website: Online registration is now very common and some websites publicly advertise that the can alter student records, household registration and achievements.  This is just a way to cheat parents and students out of their money.

3) Some phishing websites are even a greater danger:  The hackers use these phishing websites to post false information and disrupt the registration process of the college.  They also solicit enrollment expenses from the students that do not exist.  Furthermore, they also use the site, combined with the methods mentioned above to get the student information to resell.  Hacker have also used loopholes in the college registration sites to blackmailed students by tampering with the data they entered on the online form.

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  1. GaoYuLongon 27 Jun 2008 at 5:33 am

    great commentary….love u r insights and wit
    how you keep so kool with such a serious threat is amazing..ur razor sharp cystral clear views slice away the facade chinese hackers would love 2 hide behind…
    I found one article that really illustrates your previous comments
    Chinese Regime Looks to Student-Spies to Push Agenda in Canada
    and here as well
    FBI Chinese Advertisement Targets CCP’s State Security
    I have friends that work for Epoch Times newspaper their chinese edition like you at Dark Visitor break many interesting and fact filled stories related to China’s efforts to maintain their role as career criminals worldwide.
    I am glad I found your site, will share it with others
    Plan to be in DC in mid July, do live in the area????
    take take care, read everything you put out
    love ur titiles 2…. like
    Vampires, Chinese hackers, Treachery and Smoking Hacker Babe…Let’s face it, this post has it all! ….all I can say is you really do have it all….

  2. Heikeon 27 Jun 2008 at 8:50 am


    Thank you so much for the kind words and it is great having you on the site. The Epoch Times really does have great articles and why I haven’t put them up on the side bar yet is beyond me. I will take care of that oversight this evening.

    Also, loved the articles you pointed to on China’s reach beyond its borders. I’m going to post the two articles you linked on the main page. I think it is important for people to understand how the PRC intelligence service operates.

    There is an excellent book I picked up by Roger Faligot and Remi Kauffer titled “The Chinese Secret Service” that looks at the evolution of China’s Intel service from the time of Kang Sheng.

    I used to live in the D.C. area but managed to escape alive. :)