Jun 13 2008

Chinese hacker hunting…Where is Coolswallow/Ericool/Peng Yinan?

Why do criminals always return to the scene of the crime?

When we last caught up with our old friend Coolswallow/Ericool/Peng Yinan, he was giving a presentation titled, “Hacker in a Nutshell,” at the Chen Ruiqiu building, located on the Jiaotong University campus.

Mr. Peng was not very happy with our coverage of his activities…see here. My response here.

Once again, he has been invited back to Jiaotong University to pass along his experience to job-seeking students studying information security engineering…of course it took place at the Chen Ruiqiu building.

Peng Yinan offering help to future information security specialists

As an alumni of the university, he was there to assist these young students in gaining employment in the information security industry:

Students in need…how will this help?

Not sure but…could this be considered a FAIL?

Yeah, I just wanted to give failblog.org a plug…love this website!

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