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Jun 28 2008

Chinese cell phone use goes through the roof: One out of every two people now own one

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(From Zaobao) Xinhua News, citing statistics from the Chinese Industry and Informationization Department, reported that cell phone use in China increased to the point that one out of every two people owns a set and that traditional landline use continues its steady decline.

End of May (2008) statistics showed that out of China’s 1.3 billion population, 592 million households now had a cell phone.  This was a 9% increase from numbers at the close of  2007, which showed 547 million users.

The report stated that the telecommunications industry had continued to slash prices in order to increase cell phone use.

Furthermore, traditional landline household use had dropped by 6.5 million to 358 million users.

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Jun 28 2008

Sir, sir…please don’t poke the bear!

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From the Heilongjiang Daily, via News China, a 19-year-old Chinese hacker going by the online name of Autumn Breeze decided to deface the main page of the… Daqing Public Security Bureau website … and leave behind several taunting messages to include his contact information. Brilliant!

According to the report, Autumn Breeze felt that his skills at hacking were so good there was no way he could get caught. Well, it did take the police a little over an hour to track him down…so he has that going for him.

On 12 June, police who were working online discovered that a hacker had managed to gain access to the Daqing Public Sercurity Bureau website and leave behind several taunting messages:

“So, basically Daqing doesn’t have a cyber police force?”

“Do the cyber police just get paid to do nothing?”

“Is the software installed on the internet cafes used by the cyber police to collect fees?”

He also left behind the name “Autumn Breeze” and his e-mail contact information.

Under the direction of Captain Liu, of the Daqing Cyber Police, officers were able to track Autumn Breeze to a local internet cafe and arrest him while in the process of attacking another website. Autumn Breeze made a full confession saying, “Oh, you get paid to do this!”

Yeah, I may have fudged that last quote a bit.

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Jun 28 2008

Later this evening:

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Another Chinese hacker makes the Stupid/Evil category…mainly just stupid

One cell phone for every two people in China…WOW! Use grows by 9%, old school landline users sinking like a stone

Off to see Wall-E with the little one, back later tonight

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Jun 28 2008

Dividing up the Chinese hacker world by region

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Chinese hackers are much more organized than I could ever hope to be and as a consequence, do a lot of the heavy lifting for you in finding them. So, you want to figure out what groups are operating in certain regions of China, where do you begin? Let me suggest as a great place to start your research. They have conveniently broken down the groups by province and city:

Next, click on the area you are interested in (I chose Henan) and presto, hacker website from the region:

Not a comprehensive listing to be sure but thought it was interesting. Do you think they have their own sports teams?  Go, Beijing Hackers! Boo, Hebei!

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Jun 28 2008

Information gathering…not just a computer thing

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Hat-Tip: GaoYuLong

At times, I get so busy going through Chinese hacker websites that I forget there are other methods of collecting information that should not be ignored. Fortunately, reader GaoYuLong reminds me that HUMINT has not passed the way of the dinosaur and we need to keep track of the methodology used by China. GaoYuLong points to two articles from the Epoch Times that clearly illustrates these techniques:

Chinese Regime Looks to Student-Spies to Push Agenda in Canada

It was a sobering moment. Countless Falun Gong adherents in mainland China had received similar threats, and hundreds—if not thousands—went on to face torture and brainwashing after being turned in by fellow students and teachers.

But Lingdi Zhang does not live in China. The then-computer science student was studying at the University of Ottawa.

FBI Chinese Advertisement Targets CCP’s State Security
An advertisement by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at Chinese-speaking residents of San Francisco’s Bay Area, ran from July 2 through July 8 in three local Chinese-language newspapers, seeking information about Chinese espionage to the United States.

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Jun 25 2008

Summary: Chinese cyberwarfare threat by the Heritage Foundation

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This is a very interesting read by John J. Tkacik on Chinese cyber attacks that runs counter to many of my arguments.  The PDF document titled Trojan Dragon: China’s Cyber Threat is 12 pages but well worth checking out.

Genesis of China’s Cyberwarfare

In the 1990s, China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS), which manages the country’s police services, pioneered the art of state control of cyberspace by partnering with foreign network systems firms to monitor information flows via the Internet. By 1998, according to an insider’s account of China’s Internet development, the MPS and its subordinate bureaus found that their resources for monitoring the Internet had been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of Internet traffic—which by 1998 had not yet reached 1 million users in China.

Keep reading…

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Jun 24 2008

Russian hackers working inside China…

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Another great post over at Dancho’s on who is behind the GPcode Ransomware.  Probably just an available proxy in Liaoning but worth keeping an eye to see if these groups eventually start working together:

The John Dow-ish Daniel Robertson is emailing from (Liaoning Province Network China Network Communications Group Corporation No.156,Fu-Xing-Men-Nei Street, Beijing 100031), and Paul Dyke from Province Network China Network Communications Group Corporation No.156,Fu-Xing-Men-Nei Street, Beijing 100031), both Chinese IPs, despite that these campaigners are Russians.

Of course read the rest of this article but check out his other posts…fantastic!

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Jun 24 2008

Chinese hackers target college entrance exams (again)

According to, with the end of Chinese college entrance exams (高考) and the start of registration, parents and students need to protect their online information from hackers.  The warning explains that while the internet contains a lot of relevant information about registration, it also has risks.

Digital Security Laboratories ( is reminding parents of the students taking the exams to increase their vigilance and prevent incidents with hackers before they occur.  They list several methods the hackers commonly use to get information from the students:

1) The underground hacker industrial chain uses information on the college entrance examination in order to disseminate trojans and viruses.  The article further explains that this element of the underground economy is already in place and fully developed.   People engaged in this type of activity are highly adept at using social engineering to manipulate large-scale events such as the Olympics, disasters, entrance exams…etc. They used the information collected from online users for their own financial benefit.

2)  The underground transaction website: Online registration is now very common and some websites publicly advertise that the can alter student records, household registration and achievements.  This is just a way to cheat parents and students out of their money.

3) Some phishing websites are even a greater danger:  The hackers use these phishing websites to post false information and disrupt the registration process of the college.  They also solicit enrollment expenses from the students that do not exist.  Furthermore, they also use the site, combined with the methods mentioned above to get the student information to resell.  Hacker have also used loopholes in the college registration sites to blackmailed students by tampering with the data they entered on the online form.

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Jun 23 2008

Chinese hackers cause India’s military to ramp up security

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This is a very good summary of Chinese hacker attacks on India, to include speculation on mapping of their information infrastructure:

China’s intensified cyber warfare against India is becoming a serious threat to national security. The desire to possess ‘electronic dominance’ over India has compelled Chinese hackers to attack many crucial Indian websites and over the past one and a half years, they have mounted almost daily attacks on Indian computer networks – both government and private.

In October 2007, for example, Chinese hackers defaced over 143 Indian websites. Phishing is a term derived from fishing, and is a fraudulent activity on the Internet to acquire personal information. In phishing, the hackers use spoofed e-mails to lure innocent Internet users and get their personal information like bank account number, credit card details, and password and so on.

Read more here…

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Jun 21 2008

Vampires, Chinese hackers, Treachery and Smoking Hacker Babe…Let’s face it, this post has it all!

New Chinese hacker program making the rounds called Chinese Vampire v2.2.1 (starving anti-virus) billed as a trojan downloader tool, ARP attack, QQ tail…etc. The screenshot below shows the downloader interface:

From what I have read about the tool, it is very effective. So effective in fact, that another Chinese hacker calling himself Sadness, from the Black Wolf hacker group, stole it. Yes, he did. Look at the trackback URLs associated with this screenshot compared to the one above (circled in red). Notice that our thief has changed it to the Black Wolf website instead of the address.

The true author of Vampire v2.2.1 runs the website pictured below and calls himself SKSgod…sigh. He was really unhappy with the theft of his property and posted a pretty nasty response to Sadness. Yeah, hacker on hacker violence doesn’t concern me in the least.

Now the truly exciting part of this post, there is also a female hacker involved in the marketing of this fine product named Jiajia (佳佳). Hmmm, you say…that name sounds familiar? Well it should! It is the same name as one of the members of the Six Golden Flowers.

Jiajia of the Six Golden Flowers

Is the same Jiajia? I don’t think it is but not sure. On her blog, this Jiajia claims that due to the controversy over the stolen program, there are only two legitimate sites to download Vampire v2.2.1. One is her site and the other at SKSgod’s. Yes, there was a picture associated with Jiajia’s website:

Now this girl certainly doesn’t look like Jiajia number one and she appears to be a bit younger. Also, the characters next to the picture said “Sleepless Night.” Hell, this could be the picture off an album cover (and yes I did try to see if I could find a record called Sleepless Night) for all I know. She may just be the Brittany Spears of China. Thought I would include it anyway…sue me.

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