May 12 2008

Top Chinese Veteran Hackers

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This board post from popped up in my google alerts the other day and I thought it was worth sharing.  It is a list that the poster believes covers the top Chinese veteran hackers.  Follow the link to the full article

Here is the Google xlation (Maybe Heike can clean this up a bit…):


Veteran Chinese hackers

In no particular order. 
What is the hacker » Will only use the tools to the invasion of hackers called » 
Below these are hackers! 

Unnamed HACK Contact: QQ260260509 personal site: unnamed Columbia, and others are UNITA’s top security alliance oh. Unnamed Columbia core of the windows, compilation, overflow use of loopholes, there are procedures for the development of research, but also know how to regard the invasion. The original article also very many. For example, SMB series of articles, “SLKM of the invasion.” In the security forum to answer questions or regular posts, very good people.Have been large-scale invasion of foreign infiltration system technology professionals in the country is Xiangdang Dang! I also admired the people! _ ^ ^ ^ ^ _ 

Domain Name: small-jung personal site: 
Mention the name, people will think of Streamer. Rookie this year to host the invasion of numerous weapons from all over the hands of small-jung. Small-jung was a senior programmer, is proficient in the software development and production process. Streamer, arbitrary knives, drowning snow and SQL injection tools for small-jung representatives. Yung Columbia is China’s second-generation representative of hackers. 

Domain Name: flashsky 
Contact: QQ: 16202253 
Security focus of the core members. Programming windows players, the buffer overflow vulnerability very principles and the use of research. Qimingxingchen worked. College culture. Microsoft has announced-day windows * for a number of loopholes in the system notice and do the analysis. Another person is very admirable. flashsky most of the loopholes of the article. For example, “RPC file name length heap overflow analysis and common reactor found that some of the overflow attacks.” Yinshi preferred against this person. Active in the security focus of the Forum. 

Domain Name: tombkeeper 
Home page: 
Security focus of the core members. Very good knowledge of windows and female, called gynecological St. claws. Were very good. Forum is the focus of security technology explore version of the owner. Green is also the moderator of UNITA irrigation district. At present the Green League and the inauguration of the company. Analysis of a worm works, and so on. Active in the security focus of the Forum. Language unique humor and profound significance. 

Domain Name: lion 
Contact: QQ: 21509 
Honker Union of China chief. 2001 Sino-US hackers World War a war of fame, and civilized world. Temporarily in Guangzhou, often a car accident. Linux and familiar with the C programming language, PHP, and so the script prepared by the invasion of some research and write the EXPLOIT many. Red earlier dissolution of UNITA. , Who disappeared, until the time of writing this article, the Internet is still no news. This person can be said to be China’s third generation of hackers (2001 start generation). 

Domain Name: glacier, the ice Contact: 
Personal Site: 
Security focus of the core members. Trojan glaciers and the author of X-scan. China Trojans father. Programming on the effort in a very deep. windows programming hard. The article small, but very useful tool. Wollf happy life with the current, very happy. Often active in the security focus of the Forum, when little irrigation. China’s second generation of hackers (98-99 in the area). 

Domain Name: isno 
Contact: QQ: 1070681 
Security focus of the core members of the loopholes and spill some research, wrote a lot of loopholes. For example, WEBDAV and IDQ, IDA overflow vulnerability analysis. Also wrote EXPLOIT. Currently living in Beijing. Few in the focus of the forum activities. Under this understanding to people less. 

Domain Name: sinister 
Contact: QQ: 3350124 
WINDOWS familiar with the program, is the WINDOWS KERNEL study. Wrote the articles are very exciting, and ultra-high technological content. Few of the Forum on irrigation. “Arbitrary user mode implementation of the code ring 0″ and “core-HOOK Several Implementation and Application” and so on from his Shoubi. Shaoyanguayu, but also good. Do not like to chat. 

Domain Name: eagle 
China’s hawkish chief, the famous linux hacker. Linux is the research, is the WBC members. Northern Jiaotong University, graduated from the Beijing Economic Management Department of accounting professionals. Was also involved in Sino-US hackers World War II, he organized the Honker Union and famous. The invasion quite some research. China’s third generation of hackers. 

Domain Name: alert7 
Personal Site: 
Security focus of the core members. Overflow is to study, but the first few guns road. So not many people know him, but that high technology, oh, rare talent. But this person is also very core of the system research. linux windows are good. But few on the forum, with his exchange is very difficult. The only-MAIL. 

Net: Yuan Columbia, yuange 
Speaking of this, we will certainly not unfamiliar. Green UNITA’s master, the windows are very core programming and research, high technology. Perhaps because of reasons, rarely landing Forum. But compared with w3, he still very good. But this is the best face-to-face communication, many people wrote to his e-mail, but very few have returned, the Forum of the short message is the same. 

Domain Name: warning3 
linux, unix the master. Domestic one. Linux familiar with the buffer overflow and use. “Heap / BSS overflow mechanism of” the article’s author. Green is the head of UNITA. 

Domain Name: bkbll 
Honker Union of China’s core members, hackers in China and the United States during World War II invasion of the written several articles. the windows and linux familiar with the loopholes and EXPLOIT also study. For example, that POSIX subsystem upgrade competence of the loopholes, IFRAME, and so on. This person can see that the technology well. Often move about in safety focus of the Forum, to participate in the discussion of technical problems. 

Domain Name: SoBeIt 
Contact: QQ: 27324838 
Published in the security focus of many articles. Pianpian and very exciting. Familiar with the windows and programming, compilation, there are spills. He read the article on the technical know well. For example, “Windows kernel debugger principle of”, “linked to Windows API”, “in the NT Series * for the system that allow their” disappeared “.” 

Domain Name: sunwear 
Contact: QQ: 625185 
Home page: 
Evil is the core members of octal. Lot of time into the technical fields, 99 appeared in the Green League Forum. In the security focus on his work. Familiar with the windows system kernel and windows programming. The early years of invasion and infiltration using loopholes also quite study. “On the same process PID explore in-depth” and “On the local API” on from his men. Active in the security focus of the Forum, to participate in technical discussions, it is also not forget water. 

Domain Name: zzzevazzz 
Home page: 
Magic is the core of the brigade. “DO ALL IN CMD SHELL” “in-depth digging Windows scripting,” and so on the author. Familiar with the windows system and core programming. Often in the security focus of the forum there, to participate in technical discussions. Also good. Magic brigade and active forums. 

Domain Name: zwell 
Home page: 
NB is the core of the Union. Familiar with the C programming language and system. In the security focus on their work. For example, “to achieve security and stability of the threads into the monitor.” This person rarely heard of before. But technology still pretty good. The article written by very good. The focus of security is also active forum for regular participation in technical discussions. But do not love water, only to discuss technical aspects of the problem. Has also written about the use of fixed-line procedures, and the use of the method. 

Domain Name: xhacker 
Contact: QQ: 66680800 
Real name Wang Liang, currently living in Guangzhou, has 24-year-old. No organization is an intrusion on the infiltration, the SQL injection is very in-depth study. Once through infiltration, invasion of the Green League’s website. It can be said that this person is the infiltration of the master’s invasion. He also has a name – “Little Ding Dong.” “Virtual site detailing the competence of breakthroughs and prevention” and “how to use hacking technology tracking and analysis of a target” and the article’s author. Was active in several forums, happy to help others solve the problem. Renyuan very good, a lot of friends. 

Domain Name: watercloud 
Security focus of the core members. Linux on the buffer overflow and the use of research is very familiar with the preparation of EXPLOIT. “RSA algorithm basis -> Practice,” “overflow of procedures and programming language hodgepodge of” The article’s author. Active in the security focus of the Forum, like the exchange of technical aspects. 
Domain Name: eyas 
Contact: QQ: 320236 
Security focus of the core members of the windows programming and loopholes familiar with the overflow. There are also many articles and works, he heard that the growth very difficult. He is very admirable. Many also works. For example, “NT platform for dial-up password recovery principle”, “WS_FTP FTPD” STAT “overflow of long-range order.” In the security focus of the Forum have also been active. Also good. 

Domain Name: funnywei 
Security focus of the core members. Was cordial known as the F Dr. Programming on the windows and more familiar with, not much works, but can reflect its good technology. For example, “Windows Xp Sp2 overflow protection.” Few in the security focus of the forum there. 

Domain Name: pjf 
Personal Site: 
The author of the famous ICESWORD. On the windows system is a core research. The article’s technical content is also very high. Had to admire. Although few in the major forums. However, he posts articles and very good. “Thread scheduling of surveillance” and “to prevent the intrusion of the overall hook,” and so on from his Shoubi.

Net: Janker Contact: Janker@Hackbase.Com QQ: 5385757 
Personal site: Http: / / Www.Janker.Org 
This person has great reputation, but many people of his views, very proud of arrogance. But the technology is good. In the technical aspects of programming hard, but also China’s second-generation representative of hackers. QQ with this person to communicate with non-long tired, and sometimes feel that he can not put your Fangzaiyanli. 

Domain Name: sunx 
Contact: QQ: 239670 
Personal Site: 
Very well-known domestic programmers, and the overflow of loopholes in the use and research, wrote EXPLOIT. For example, IDA loopholes and printer. 9 X used in the compilation wrote the virus. Home on the virus code. He can see the level of ASM oh. 

Domain Name: analysist 
Green League of technology databases and master script. A long time ago on the cross-site scripting and SQL injection is studied. “Loopholes in the implementation of cross-site scripting Detailed Explanation”, “BBS2000 and BBS3000 the existence of security risks,” and so on are all his works. It is also a revolutionary predecessors. But have not heard of the Green League. 

Domain Name: Frankie 
Web site: 
Real name Xie Zhaoxia, M! Now the Tongxinluo’s head, that is, the Shenzhen dawn of future generations. Is the master of WINDOWSNT, while the LINUX is also very understanding of the many. He is China’s first generation of hackers, like coolfire the same. But now Frankie has become the leading figures of the company. 

Domain Name: rootshell 
Contact: QQ: 1734398 
Personal site: http; / / 
Hackers sector of the old figures. In addition to rootshell He also has a name – FZK. On the ground floor windows linux is very familiar with the use of loopholes and spill a lot of research. Who works a lot. This time in the focus of an article called <the recent discovery of a long-distance services Distributed File System overflow> articles, from the hands of this person. He also is the invasion of study. 

Domain Name: PP 
Contact: QQ: 720888 
One of China’s first generation of hackers. Peng Quan heard of the » This person on the windows in the maintenance program are already familiar with. In a few years ago WINDOWS is very familiar with the invasion and use of loopholes. Famous saying is: If Xiangfei high, on the horizon to forget. 

Domain Name: tianxing 
Contact: OICQ; 911189 
Website: http; / / 
One of China’s first generation of hackers. In 1999 and have launched attacks on foreign websites. “Network assassin”, “network guards” is his representative works. And his use of loopholes in the overflow and also quite research, using procedures such as RPC vulnerability. He wrote the back door and are very good. 

Domain Name: coolq 
CAS graduate students. In the Green League have done for his articles. The linux kernel are very familiar with, and proficient in LINUX * for programming, and is familiar with the invasion under LINUX. <Linux Xia Yong gdb Jianceneihe rootkit> on from his works. Research in contact with around 2001-2002. LINUXFORUM and security are active in the focus of the Forum. 

Domain Name: grip2 
LINUXFORUM the owner. LINUX * for a familiar programming. LINUX of the virus is also on. <Prototype of a Linux virus>, and so on for his article. LINUXFORUM active in the Forum. 

Domain Name: san 
Security focus of the core members, people call him small Xu. He also led the team to focus on. Proficient in the use LINUX configuration and programming. Overflow familiar with the use and exploit loopholes in the preparation, familiar with the script, and the use of loopholes in the script, linux invasion of the script. Many works, such as <AIX PowerPC architecture and its spillover technical study notes>, and so on. Often move about in safety focus of the Forum, is a diver. Compared to the people, Buaishuohua. 

Domain Name: hume 
Personal site 
Early famous programmers. WINDOWS familiar with the core and program development. Compilation of technology is very high. Shellcode in the preparation of a unique view. 2003 is also the Green League there were several. More personal works. For example, <SEH in ASM study> and so on. 

Net: Primary Four Contact: 
Personal Site: ~ scz / 
Sige small, with the Yuan Columbia, who are masters of the Green League, oh. Sige small core of the windows, compilation, overflow use of loopholes, there are procedures for the development of research, but also know how to regard the invasion. The original article also very many. For example, SMB series of articles, “SLKM of the invasion.” Green League in the regular forum to answer questions or post, were very good. 

There were a lot of new names in the list as well as some well-known ones and some that Heike has blogged about before like sunwear.  More to research…


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