May 28 2008

Tibetan writer’s online ID hijacked

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Ordinarily, I’d try to obfuscate text on this subject but since we’re already GFW’d, who cares…

A couple of sites are reporting that the well-known Tibet independence writer Woeser has had all or many of her online accounts hijacked and her website defaced with an anti-splittist message. The Honkers Union of China has taken responsibility.  The honkers have used her Skype account to attempt to contact her associates.  No word if the contact list has been abused to send malware.  Interesting snippet from the article:

The hackers removed the content of the website and replaced it with a gif animation of the Chinese flag with the headline “LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA! “DOWN WITH TIBET INDEPENDENCE!” Below the animation is a photo of Woeser with the words “Please remember this Tibetan separatist Woeser’s ugly face. Whoever sees this ugly face, please beat her hard like one beats a dog.” Further text was added and has apparently been changed several times in the hours since the site was hacked. The website is currently hosted on a server in the United States.

The website is still defaced at the time of this writing.

Top half of the defaced site

Bottom half of the defaced site


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