May 19 2008

“Electronic Heroin” an analysis of Chinese juvenile cybercrime (Part II)

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“Electronic Heroin” an analysis of Chinese juvenile cybercrime (Part I)

Second, analysis on the causes of juvenile cybercrime

What are the reasons for juvenile cybercrime?  Adolescents resides in puberty, where large changes take place in both physiology and psychology.  Individual youth are led down the wrong road and step onto the path of criminality due to individual physiology, psychology and different types of conflicts and contradictions  Additionally, in real life there are unhealthy influences and during the socialization process, deviations and distortions easily occur in individual youth.

  1. As young people mature, there is a conflict between a sense of isolation and an intense feeling of needing to belong.  On the internet, they find this compensation in the openness, equality and freedom that make a perfect match for their needs.  This makes juveniles the main crowd on the internet.  The virtual nature, openness and freedom of the internet permits unrestricted conversations that cause youth to disseminate obscene materials; their morales and sense of responsibility decay; and their awareness of legality is diluted to the point they don’t feel it is a crime.  It becomes so serious that they will even break the law.
  2. The current internet legal system is not robust, allowing cybercriminals to act without legal restrictions.  Although the country has laid out a series of laws and regulations regarding internet security and punishments for computer crimes, such as the “People’s Republic of China Computer Information Systems Security and Safeguards Regulation,” the current laws are unable to adapt to the current situation of  computer development.  This is especially true for new internet problems that arise that the law is unable to restrict.  This brings about a legal gap.
  3. The unhealthy content on the internet has caused juvenile criminals to bury (hide) hidden dangers.  The internet is full of pornography, reactionary (material) and violent information; as well as traps.  Understaffed chatroom supervision allows juvenile cybercriminals to bury (hide) inducements.  Some managers of underground internet cafes are the ringleaders who entice youth into criminal activity.  Some internet cafe managers are only concerned with profit, regardless of the harm the unhealthy information does to the youth, or the youth browsing all manner of pornography, reactionary (material), or violent websites.  Some go far as to supply them with these materials.  At the same time, bloody and violent internet games are the hotbed for juvenile cybercrime.  Research indicated that long-term playing of bloody and violent online games which can cause the user to develop an aggressive personality that leads to criminal activity.
  4. Factors in society, school and the family are also causes of juvenile cybercrime.  Some morally corrupt individuals online recklessly spread pornographic and violent images, as well as popular online games that cause segments of the youth to become infatuated with them.  They are unable to pay the  online game fees so they take risks.  The school’s education on ethics and online morality is insufficient.  The negative evaluation of weak students, the dislike and discrimination against students with bad behavior causes some students to give up on themselves.  They become infatuated with the internet and look there to find self confidence and happiness.  Furthermore, the education at home is inappropriate, with parents not strictly supervising there children online.  Some parent’s unhealthy personal habits also influence their children.

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