Apr 22 2008

Return of Poizon B0x?

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Does anyone remember Poizon B0x from the “Sino-US Hacking War” years ago?

Some Chinese Hacker group thinks Poizon B0x is coming back on a “China Killer” rampage in what they describe as a second round of the Sino-US hacking war.  Here is a gist of a board post from April 20, 2008:

Red Alert:  Beware of the United States hacker organization Poizon B0x coming in again.

No news organizations are reporting this but [rumors] are spreading around the Internet that a new round of the Sino-US hacking war [is coming... and] a May 1/Golden week special youth day counter-offensive [is planned], we hope for a lot of support in the counterattack!

The May 1st date mentioned above is highly significant as it coincides with the anniversary of the EP-3 incident in 2001 and the start of Chinese hacker counter-attacks:

American cracker group PoizonBOx has defaced at least a hundred Chinese websites since April 4 (2001). Chinese hackers are now vowing to retaliate with a planned week-long all-out crack attack on American websites and networks which will start on May 1(2001).

At this point, it is difficult to tell if this is speculation or if it is based on some defacements attributed to Poizon Box.  I can’t seem to find much else to corroborate this post so I’m a bit skeptical about all of this.  I’ll monitor the board and report any news as it comes in.  Any offline comments or questions can go to jumper *at* thedarkvisitor *dot* com.

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